Monday, January 28, 2008

What a memory!

I know he is only three years old and has a shorter span to remember but my son seems to remember everything about anything. Granted it is only when he wants. For example, today we were playing and he starts asking about a toy that broke and mysteriously disappeared one night while he was sleeping. This went on almost all day. If he asks about the purple fishing rod again I think I may go crazy. This toy was given to him just over a year ago if I remember right and he played with it some and at some point it broke. That was traumatic enough but he got over it especially when we both looked for it for quite a while and couldn't find it. Well it all came back to him today and we had to look all over again although that didn't satisfy him, it took some major distracting powers to get him to stop asking, "Want to help Daddy fix the CD player?" Sure enough when it is something he can't have he is all over it. Hopefully the purple fishing rod drama has ended and he can move on.

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