Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wishing Time Away

We went through this with the Boy and now the Girl is getting into this phase.  It is not so much of her actually wishing time away as having no concept of time other than during the current day.  Maybe she is just trying to manipulate me into getting something earlier.

We recently hung up Christmas lights.  I know it is before Thanksgiving but when you have a 65-70 degree day, you get it done.  Now all she talks about is Christmas.  I know she should be excited but at least let me have some turkey, shopping and more turkey first.

This often happens with other things as well.  My AGW and I often tell our kids things at the last minute because otherwise they bug us to no end.  So much so I want to threaten to not go to the show that we just paid $70+ as a family to go see.  Yes they may learn a lesson but what lesson do I learn?

Either way I seem to lose.  I either get the constant whining and asking when we get to go or when something is coming, or I get crying and whining because I said no or took something away.  I know it is supposed to provide a base and help them learn about consequences but I will be the one standing in the garage yelling "SERENITY NOW!"

Friday, November 2, 2012

A Sort of Day Off

With Parent Teacher Conferences  going on I have sort of had a day or two off.  I say sort of in the way a teacher at a private school has a day off (some say that a day off in a private school is a myth).  With all that I love my school and all the kids there.  Who knew getting paid very little and teaching a bunch of K-8th grade kids could be so great.

So on these sorta of days off, I still am working at my other job of Dad.  The first day I get to be the parent a little bit at school for conferences.  It is great hearing from the teachers on how good my kids are even though they are a major part of the red wine I am currently enjoying.  Then it was home for them to play outside while raked leaves again.  We also played some until the temp was getting cooler and it was getting to be dinner time.  After dinner the Boy was working on the computer trying to make a chart and I introduced him to using excel to make charts so I am sure there is a chart of direct proportion of candy to his goodness in my future.  The Girl was working on being entertained by my AGW who had recently arrived home.  Then it was bedtime and with the Girl you never know how that will go.

Today however was the ultimate in role reversal.  While my AGW went to work it was a whole day of the kids and me.  Granted this blog started with me staying home with the kids which is the greatest job,  as they grow older they have new challenges and an 8 and 4 year old playing together can be difficult at times.  As the day went, we had breakfast, I dropped the kids off at my AGW's work so I could go vote, picked them up and ran a few errands of clothes shopping and other various things (which they never enjoy), picked up lunch (which one only one of them ate), worked on laundry, cleaning up the house as much as the monsters let me, cooking a prime rib, making chocolate chocolate chip cookies all while trying to finish the red wine my AGW doesn't care for too much to open a bottle she likes for when she gets home.

Great Day! And that is not the wine talking.