Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Days! I used to love them, now I hate them.

Snow days used to be a wonderful thing, now the Boy is in school and I don't like them anymore. He gets crazier each and every one. I like having my time with my 8 month old while he is in school because we can try to get a few things done, but a snow day I feel like my main goal is to maintain some sense of sanity. It wouldn't be so bad if we could all go out and play in the snow but the Girl is not quite ready for that yet. I would buy a snowmobile with a car seat attachment if it meant I could take him to school, of course he would like that too much. Well the day is half done and I can still see straight so hopefully the kids will be easy on me this afternoon. So as far as I am concerned snow days are overrated and should be banned!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ten Tiny Razor Blades

There is something that was forgotten for a while after the Boy, the little tiny razor blades that babies have for fingernails. The Girl has them and she knows how to incapacitate her Daddy. She seems to know any pressure point or spot where she can make my whole arm going numb or hurt like it was just smashed by a thousand pound boulder. Her new favorite past time is trying to remove my eyebrows. I have really thought about wearing my hockey helmet with cage, but then I think she would just yank my head around with it. If there is anything to fear it is those tiny razor blades on the tips of her fingers.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Cabinet and the Inauguration

The title sounds awfully political but as you read you find it is not all that much. First let me start with the cabinet, the entertainment cabinet. We have this entertainment cabinet in our living room that is a kid magnet, now with our second child they both must hang on, run into, kick, hit, play with the doors, etc. It is very puzzling to me what is so fascinating about this one piece of furniture. Nothing else in the room is bothered quite this much. Someday I will exact my revenge on this cabinet for causing so much concern.

Now on to the Inauguration. I had my the Boy and the Girl watch this historic moment. Well the Girl ate and slept through it so not much excitement there. The Boy on the other hand watched it intently as he knew something important was happening but really doesn't understand all what was going on. He knew it was about the President and that the new President was Barack Obama but he didn't know more than that. I told him someday he will understand the importance of this day but probably not for a while, he simply said "OK!" The one thing he did say that surprised me was, "I wish we could go to this." So in the back of my mind I planted the idea of someday going ot the Inauguration and I can tell him it was all his idea.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

2009 started off with a bang and we have been very busy. The Girl is getting around a lot these days and she gets a little quicker every day. We had to put a gate back up which s frustrating to the Boy who is all of four and wants to be able to go where he wants when he wants. As I mentioned we are remodeling(updating) our kitchen which is moving along. I think we have settled on a few things, the cabinets are being painted, we are getting some sort of stone counter top (most decided on Silestone but just want to be sure), ordered all the new knobs and hinges, currently deciding on a backsplash and flooring. I am very excited for this project and can't wait cook in the updated kitchen. In addition, the Boy has started back at school so we are working on getting back into our daily routine which is rough with some fo kitchen disarray.

Some news, the Girl has her first tooth coming in. My wife discovered it. We knew she was teething as she just went through her second teething ring by biting a hole in it, this time it was probably the tooth. She seems very happy about it and is all the much closer to feeding herself.

The Boy and I went sledding today and he actually went down the hill by himself a couple of times, once was even face first. I thought it was awesome as sometimes he wants someone with him for reassurance. Then I wasn't really happy about it as I had to go down the hill to get the sled, I know he is four but if you ride it down, you carry it back up. All in all it was an exciting day today.

Friday, January 9, 2009

The White Tag

The girl has this obsession with white tags. The white tags that come on every stuffed animal or most pieces of sitting furniture or any soft toy. She sees them and goes right after them with a purpose. That purpose would of course be chewing on it. It is funny because anytime she spots one she is on the move and sometimes I think she knows they are there but can't see them. The other day she crawled under the dining room table chairs and rolled onto to her back and reached up and was trying to yank the tags right off the chairs. We remove as many of them as we can but then hindsight came in, she enjoys them so why not let her have them. At least she stays occupied while we try to finish eating dinner or something. (Public Service Announcement: these tags are all attached to items, if the are looses they are removed.) I can't wait for her Christmas list next year, "Big large White Tags PLEASE!"

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my loyal readers! The morning of January 1 when the Boy woke up he was amazed that is was 2009, as I told him I believe his response was "Awwwesome!!" The Girl on the other really didn't care although she is now 8 months old and army crawls with determination. actually if she has even the slightest hint that her mommy is somewhere she is off and moving in that direction.

We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen, which will be hard work but it should be nice when it is all done (I realize I never posted the before and after pictures of the bathroom, I will work on that as I still have to take some after pictures), I don't know if there will be before pictures because we already started as we painted a cabinet to see if we were going to paint or replace them. After painting it we decided we like the paint. The Boy thinks it is pretty cool and since painting one cabinet I get the question of "Is it done yet?" about two or three times a day right now. I wish I had the time to work on it all day so it could get done as I can't wait to have an updated kitchen, especially for the counter tops.