Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Which way are we going?

This is a common question whenever we go somewhere in the car. Usually the intent is on direction (east, West, North and South) but the Boy has a hard time with understanding that straight ahead is not North. The Girl also takes part in a slightly different way by pointing and saying "This Way!" She knows where she wants to go, Daddy has just learned to ignore the cuteness in attempting to get small tasks done. Recently I have come up with the best answer to all of this, "We are going this way." We are always going "this way"! So now when I get the question, "What direction are we going?" Which way are we going?", etc. I will always answer "This Way. We are always going this way." If you think about it, when I am driving and we will always be going this way because that is the way we are going. We can never go that way as that becomes this way. I am sure out there somewhere the Boy has a blog talking about how insane his Dad is and asks "Why can't he give me a straight answer?"

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So Many Words

The Girl is at a stage now where her vocabulary is expanding each time I say something, which has its plus and minuses. When she can communicate what she wants or needs or is mad about it makes things a little easier, the issue is she has demanding wants, specific needs and gets mad when I don't her the wants and needs. Today she learned the word "beautiful" not sure knows what it means but knows it is something good. We also were learning a few colors with crayons and doing a little drawing, she likes me to draw circles then she drew a couple of circles herself. I think she is starting to learn that a good job means rewards as Mommy got a new pair of shoes for doing such a great a job and working so hard for her family:Granted she is a girl so I assuming the wanting shoes is part of her genes, as she constantly wants her shoes on and off all day. The issue with the Girl is that I am having a hard time finding cheap prizes whereas I can pick up Hot Wheels cars for the Boy at $1 each. Granted with her love of shoes hopefully soon she will have the same size feet as Mommy so they can share shoes and it will help save a little bit.

The Boy had his first official Cross Country meet and did very well, he was 96th out of 170 kids in his race. He has fun and enjoys so I let him do his thing as he has Charlie Brown Syndrome. He likes to run and look around not paying much attention to actually racing, Charlie Brown would start well but then he would lose focus and close those eyes and run right out of the stadium. We are having fun and that is important (even though Daddy knows he can do better if he understood it a little better but that is the Boy).

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


The Boy has his first Cross Country race coming up very soon. I am very excited as I know he is as he has wanted to race for quite a while. He even has an awesome little uniform as well. The interesting part will be to see how he handles the race as there are a large number of kids and I don't know what will happen. He is a pretty smart kid and basically runs all day but there are no rules or set courses for that. I am sure since I am the coach of the whole team and his Dad I will have a little trouble sleeping the night before just from the excitement and nervousness. He ran in one other race that I could participate with him but this will be without me. I now think I know how my parents felt before my races in high school.