Tuesday, April 16, 2013


What a few weeks.  I have been busy and so have the kids.

We decided to try and sell our house.  We called back a realtor we talked to a couple of years ago when we couldn't do it, now we can and what a month it has been.  He came out and evaluated our house again before Easter and we had a laundry list of things to do during Spring Break to get it ready for listing.

The kids spent a lot of time at grandparents as I worked on stuff until my AGW got home and she joined the fray.  It was a lot of hard work and my poor fingers still have trouble touching the screen on my smart phone.  After break and getting some pictures we got our house on the market.

10 showings and 6 days after listing we have an accepted offer.  It was a process that was supposed to take a couple of months.  We are happy, excited, nervous and stressed all at the same time.  We are currently looking for a new refrigerator box and washer and dryers boxes to use as temporary lodging in case we can not get moved into a new home in time.

The kids are excited and sad as we are.  We love our home but we are simply outgrowing it and I can only straddle a step stool in the bathroom so much longer.  The Boy is evaluating the houses by their playroom potential.  The Girl is set on one bedroom she saw that is pink.

Off to go look at more houses and find that new home where we can make new marks on the wall of how tall the kids are. I am going to have to replicate the piece of tim that has marks on it already to take with us.