Monday, April 25, 2011

False Positive

Well a big sigh of relief here.  The doctor's office called and we had a false positive... meaning the Boy didn't have strep this last time.  If the grandparents are reading this I am sure they may have been upset thinking I was talking about something else.

The Boy was very happy that he was not sick last week.  He was a little down about potentially having strep again but we had them send int he throat swab to the lab to do a culture to be sure as he was fine and dandy that day.  It certainly was nice to get some good news for once.  Too bad the doctor's office was closed on Good Friday or else we could have received this news before the weekend.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Getting Plain Ridiculous

Well after all my family has been through it finally got me.  I have had a little cold all week but today I woke up and felt like I was underwater.  I called the doctor and got in right away and got me some antibiotics as it appears I may be developing an ear infection as my right ear is hurting today.  I really can't wait for April to be over and hopefully some warm weather to move in as this is getting really old.

The kids are doing alright and the Boy is literally bouncing off the walls as he has been fine beyond the little test.  I probably won't hear on his test sent to the lab but the office is closed.  Hopefully it is for nothing and it is a false positive on him and we can start moving on.  Otherwise I think we need to take a nice vacation to the Bahamas or something and let the sun bake it out of us and a few drinks with umbrellas and fruit won't hurt either.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Strep Again?! Really?!

Well we had a recheck for strep as we have been dancing with it for about two and a half months or so now.  The Girl was negative but the Boy was positive, they are sending in a swab for a throat culture to be sure it is not a false positive (Hoping it is).  Talk about frustrating.  This time there was no symptoms what so ever, it was just a re-check.  UGH!

I really feel for him as he has struggled with this for a while.  He said, "I am never going to get better!"  Hopefully this time it will be gone for good.  Very frustrating all around.

Timing couldn't be better as I have started on an insulin pump leaving the needles behind this week and I have a slight cold.  I really can't wait for April to be over.  My AGW has been sick, the kids and now me and the Boy again.  Well, hopefully April Showers bring good health in May.

Friday, April 15, 2011


The Girl has attained full "Diva" status.  In the mornings she now refuses to eat in the morning, go to the potty, and even change clothes.  This is something that just started this week.  I will ask her if she wants her breakfast and she just buries her head in the pillow on the couch and writhes around, which usually means she has to go potty.  Problem is you then mention potty and she just gets mad, I mean crayon throwing mad.  After a bit she will usually settle down and start eating but then it is time to take my son to school and I lately I have had to go into the school so I try to get her dressed.  The important word is "try."  She will fight me, run away, kick me, scream loud enough to break glass.  Then the rest of the morning she demands her chips, fish crackers, juice, etc.  I thought it would be better after a good nap this afternoon but as I was putting the pencil sharpener away she decided to throw crayons as apparently that was hers even though she has never ever used it.  To top it off for some reason she feels it necessary to take her PJs and pull up off and then scream.  If that is not Diva status I don't know what is.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I believe The Girl is a Jedi

With the kids being diagnosed with strep again last week the doctor prescribed Augmentin (sp?).  This is a pretty strong antibiotic, but the worse part is that it comes in form of a chewable tablet that apparently tastes awful.  The Boy has been doing a good job with it despite that fact, but the Girl on the other hand has learned powers that I believe only a Jedi possesses.  She started out ok and we could get her to take it, then she started to refuse and we could still manage it.  Now it is a flat out wrestling match where I have seen this almost 3 year old be able to bend, twist, kick, scream, hit and levitate in ways I have seen no other child do.  (Yes I said levitate.)  I have gone to mashing it up and putting in food but I think she is on to that, the problem is then I have to have her finish the messy yogurt or what not as the medicine is in it.  I believe the way she is fighting this is true Jedi powers.  So I think after this is done (4 more days - 8 doses) I am going to enroll her in Jedi school to make sure she doesn't go to the dark side.