Thursday, January 9, 2014

Snow, Sledding and Days Off

Yes I like snow.  It leads to one of my favorite activities, sledding.  There is nothing like careening down a hill uncontrollably towards trees, streams or people.  After much dismay when the kids were sick one weekend it snowed and then melted around New Years it stated snowing again.

We got to go sledding, a couple of us adults turned it into a little contest of who could reach the trees, then who could maneuver through the trees.  Thankful to some high school seniors or college freshmen, then sledding in a big line and created a packed down path that lead us to the promised land.  soon we were all flying down the hill and heading for the trees.  It was great.

We sledded until I could no longer get back up the hill.  I probably sled down at least two times for every one time my kids would go down.  Plus I would help the Girl carry her sled back up.

The snow leads to snow days.  I appreciate snow days being a teacher but this creates issues as we have been house bound for too long.  My AGW even had a couple days off from the snow and cold.  It was nice to all be together but it would have been nicer to all be together on the beach or something after all these days off then snow days.

Everyone stocks up on bread and milk for storms but we did come to one realization of something that is important to have is toilet paper.  We fortunately had enough but it was getting dangerously close, especially when a little somebody uses too much and throws it away for no reason as well.