Sunday, April 27, 2008

Why are there cars?

On a drive home my son noticed these posts with little metal horse heads with rings on them and asked, "What are those horses with rings for?" I explained that a long time ago people used to ride horses and they would tie up the horse there so they wouldn't run away while they were inside. The he asked "Where are the horses?" I explained that most people drive cars now so that is why you don't see any horses, and then he had the followup "Why are there cars?" I was now caught in my own trap of explaining something. Then I explained that a long time ago a guy invented the gasoline engine so people could get places quicker. "Is that like a steam engine?" he asked as he is really into trains. "No it is not, it is more like a diesel train engine," I proceeded to explain and that he understood. "So it makes smoke like Diesel when he crashes?" At that point after a lot thinking and explaining I found a way out... "Yes!" He then giggles and says, "Silly Diesel!"

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ice Cream Lip

Before the baby arrives we are trying to have some outings with the three of us, because soon there will be four of us. We decided to go to Handel's (for those of you that don't know they are an awesome ice cream place originating out of Youngstown , Ohio) and get some yummy treats for our tummies. After much debate and looking at the flavors I was ready to order. As I am waiting in line I hear a loud scream from around the corner, I think "Uh-Oh!" My wife emerges around a corner with my son screaming in her arms asking for napkins, there are two things I know at Handel's don't get out of line no matter what and be ready for the great fall. I calmly ask the girl helping me "Can I have some napkins as my son probably just fell on his face?" I get her the napkins and they go around the corner to the table where the screaming stops. I get our Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie waffle cone and Red Sky at Night waffle cone with two spoons and head around the corner, there sits the victim with a smile and fat lip and my wife with spots of kid blood on her shirt and shoulder.

It was now ice cream time. We had smiles after some great ice cream and trying a new flavor. When we ready to go my son said "Can we get in the car and go home now?" We said "Sure." As we are pulling out of the parking lot and making our way my son exclaims fat lip and all, "That was fun!"

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Great Golf Career

After watching some of the Masters tourney this weekend my son has talked a lot about golfing with Daddy. Today we had to dig out his little golf club, ball and hole. After ten minutes of locating the parts and avoiding distractions he was ready to tee off. He took one swing the ball went flying the wrong direction and this is where I knew he would be a great golfer or have a fantastic career. He proceeded to flip the club up in the air and exclaim "I can't golf!" This was in proper form for any great golfer, he has his love-hate relationship with the game down first and that is very important. Watch out Tiger competition is on its way.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Put a Spring in Your Step

Nothing puts a spring in your step like hearing something good about your children from someone else. This morning when I dropped my son off at pre-school the teacher started to talk to me about him. I hardly aver talk to them regarding how he is doing besides the usual progress reports and the occasional chit-chat. My first thought was "What did he do?" She started telling me how bright he was and that he learns and picks up things very quickly. This of course made me very happy. Then I started to tell my wife that his teacher talked to me about him at school, and her response rather worried was "What happened?" I told her the good news and therefore put a spring in her step as well.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wanting to move out (and other updates)

I am in the midst of track season, the new baby will be here soon, and my son has been all over in daycare or at grandparents' houses. Well the other day my wife was picking him up from my parent's house and naturally he didn't want to leave because the grandparents are much more fun than Mommy or Daddy will ever be. Well after some coaxing and work to get him into the car to go home, he says "I want to live with Busia and Dzia-Dzia." (Busia and Dzia-Dzia are the polish names for Grandma and Grandpa) So we figure we might as well start packing his bags since he is eating more and more he can live there and save us some money on groceries. In addition for the past few days he has been asking a lot to go to Mimi and Papa's (what he calls my wife's parents) all the while they are on vacation. People tell me that is normal behavior for a 3 1/2 year old, but we feed him watch his favorite shows and movies, buy him cool Thomas and Cars clothes, play his favorite game Candy Land (which he is a Master Candy Lander), etc. So grandparents beware he may just end up living with one of you before you know it.

My son also made Daddy proud as he was getting ready for bed and we have a routine where he likes to watch the lottery balls or the lottery show, but it wasn't on as golf was on and he wanted to watch it. Watch it he did as he sat there and loved every minute of it and then proceeded to say, " I am am going to golf with Daddy." I guess I will have to find out if Taylor Made makes sets small enough for a 3 1/2 year old that is about 42 inches tall.

My son has also graduated to a "Bigger boy" seat, otherwise more of a booster with the seat belt. This is very exciting to him and he seems to be more comfortable. The convirtable seat we had he had simply outgrown as it was becoming increasing difficult to get him into it. He is still learning the rules of keeping the seat belt on properly but we just stop the car and fix it when he unbuckles or pulls his arm out which he does not like at all.

Last week we had some nice days and he wanted to go outside and play when we pick him up on our way home. We tell him he has to eat eat all his dinner which makes dinner time quick, but one day it was looking like rain so I was trying to get him to eat dinner quickly but it started to rain, he got very upset, so being the boy that I am I offered to take him out on the patio in the rain and he was all ready for that. We took off our socks and danced around in the rain for a few minutes until he realized he was starting to get wet. We came in dried off and he finished the rest of his dinner.

Last weekend all of our friends came over (well our friends and their kids which are his friends) to play and have fun and boy did they. The kids had a blast playing with the Polar Express to have have races around the house to taking old man naps to get them to settle down (which is the part I think I enjoyed the most). Racing went from running to walking, to hopping, to walking like polar bears. Then there was the fun game of get me as they would come flying around the corner to take me down, but when all else fails a good escape is the claw to the tummy.

Well that should catch everyone up on the past couple of weeks. If you are wondering the bathroom is almost done (I know I have been saying that a lot lately) but the weather is making it difficult to stain and polyurethane the last trim pieces to finish it up so pictures are still on hold. The baby girl is on her way and should be here by the end of the month so watch for updates and pictures soon.