Monday, April 14, 2008

Put a Spring in Your Step

Nothing puts a spring in your step like hearing something good about your children from someone else. This morning when I dropped my son off at pre-school the teacher started to talk to me about him. I hardly aver talk to them regarding how he is doing besides the usual progress reports and the occasional chit-chat. My first thought was "What did he do?" She started telling me how bright he was and that he learns and picks up things very quickly. This of course made me very happy. Then I started to tell my wife that his teacher talked to me about him at school, and her response rather worried was "What happened?" I told her the good news and therefore put a spring in her step as well.

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samnurse said...

What a sweetie! Papa and I can't wait to see him. He is growing up so quickly now. Hopefully Wednesday will be a zoo day.