Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It has been a while...

Finally a chance to sit down.  Ever since the move and Disney, we have been busy.  Will give you a quick update to get back up to speed.

The rest of summer flew by, we had much to do before school started with unpacking, painting, and making our new home feel like home.  It was a pretty easy adjustment for the kids.  They both love their new rooms and we have some separation space.  Granted the basement which was to be a combination place for my bar and toys, has pretty much become toy land.  That is ok as now they have a place until some start to migrate up the stairs to the great room but they quickly get taken back down.

Quickly into August Cross Country started for both kids and myself.  It was a cooler August so it was much more enjoyable but that meant school was near.  With changes at school I have been busier that ever, which isn't bad but tho Thanksgiving break is very welcome.  The Boy is doing very well in the fourth grade, taking fifth grade math along with kicking butt in most areas.  The Girl loves Kindergarten.  My AGW is busy but doing well and it will be great to be able to spend some time with her over this extended weekend.

The Girl has deemed every day shorts and flip flop weather even though it is freezing out.  I figure she must be very warm blooded as any day of the year she is in shorts.  At least now we have gotten her to regularly wear clothes of some kind.

The Boy is well the Boy.  He definitely marches to his own music.  He thinks so differently (not in a bad way) but am always amazed at what goes in his head.  The other day he was trying to be cool, making a serious face as he was walking by.  I asked if something was wrong and he said, "No, I am just being cool."  He is now 9 and about the tallest one in his class. The kid wears size 10 pants and they are already too short.