Thursday, April 26, 2012

The full brunt of "3"

The Girl this morning has decided to give all her best as she nears her fourth birthday.  She had an all out tantrum about everything this morning.

First she didn't want breakfast, then when the Boy wanted his she wanted hers.  She didn't eat it.

Then my AGW had to go get ready for work and she wanted none of that, so my AGW laid on the couch with her for a bit longer.  Then the Girl still wouldn't let her get up so she went with her.

She was then supposed to change clothes for school.  This became a wrestling match between her, my AGW and me.  The Girl dominated the match and wore her pajamas with pants to school today.

Then it was time for shoes and socks.  You might as well have taken favorite doll away as she was done with me in any way shape or form.

She still had not eaten her fruit loops and was mad that I put them in a bag to take in the car and to school.  Whether she ever ate them we will never know.

Thankfully my AGW didn't have to be in early so she took her to school this morning.

When I picked her up she seemed to have forgotten the proceedings this morning and was happy as could be to see me.  Although she claims she wants to drive now and she asked me all the way home to drive the car.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


I have a new least liked thing at the top of my list (well there are two but one has been there a while).  Copying, Mimicking, etc.  The kids do it too each other, neither can stand it when it happens to them but think it is fun to do to each other.

I believe this activity was actually started by the Girl as she wants to be just like her big brother.  The Boy is a sensitive type that doesn't like to bothered but doesn't mind one bit bothering someone else. It is an activity that grows old very quick as one child or the other can say copy one word and it becomes a crying mess.

They have yet to copy us, but if they do I will move to cleaning their stuff or maybe even throwing it away.