Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Unofficial Start to Summer

We kicked off the unofficial start to summer pretty well.  We attended our traditional Memorial Day parade and followed up with some time with some friends and food.  

The pool was ready but was still pretty cool but not cold enough to deter the chattering teeth of the Boy, the Girl and their Friend.  The Girl learned she can touch the bottom which is nice so we don't have to carry her everywhere.  Hopefully soon they will both get the hang of swimming so they can enjoy the pool even more.  Although with the kids getting bigger it makes the 14' wide pool seem even smaller.  Maybe next year I can start my third slightly larger crop circle in the yard.  

This year was grilled flatbread with sauteed onions, grilled chicken and feta cheese.  Our friends brought some ice cream, strawberries and "Yummy" Sanders chocolate sauce for sundaes.  It was a good start to what could be the yummiest summer yet as long as I can get the kids out of the pool long enough to make something to eat.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Almost Summer

School is winding down for all three of us.  The Boy is very excited to not have school.  The Girl is only excited because big brother is excited.  I am 50/50.

The Boy likes school but he is growing up and being a boy.  He would rather play all day and not be in school. Plus he has done well and needs a break or my AGW and I fear he will be way too smart for us.

The Girl loves school.  I mean who wouldn't like preschool with a mini kitchen, different centers every couple of weeks, lots of kids your age, snacks, playground, etc.   I afraid in a week of no school she will be kick me in the shin and say "TAKE ME TO SCHOOL!"

I am happy that my first year will be complete, although there is the thought that now my two lovable children will team up to see how long until the last bit of hair falls off my head.  I am looking forward to having a break from school as it is a very time intensive job, even for a PE teacher.  I only wish my AGW could have a summer break as well so at least we could share the insanity of our 7 and 4 year old.  

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Crooked Finger

When the Boy was born he had a crooked pinkie finger.  We had asked the doctor about it but it was no big concern and not much worth doing about it.  It is kinds of in the shape of a "C" but not quite that crooked.

So for the past 7 1/2+ years he has this crooked pinkie and  today during dinner he turns to me and says, "Dad, why is my finger crooked?"  I explained to him that it has always been that way since he was born.

He followed up with his smile, "So it is something special, like everyone has something special."