Monday, March 29, 2010

The Preschool Cup of Dirt

Last year in the spring the Boy brought home a cup of dirt with a seed in it to grow a bean plant. Somehow through my great efforts to kill the plant in sprouted and we ended up having a bean sprout plant that had about 14 beans we picked and ate. Well it is that time of year and the Boy brought home another cup with dirt and a seed in it, this year it is a pepper plant as apparently the bottom of a green pepper leaves a shamrock type print (he brought it home on St. Patrick's Day), and the plant has sprouted through my complete mismanagement of its care. So I guess this year we will have another large pot on our patio with a pepper plant growing. Granted I like both vegetables so now worries there, the issue is making sure I don't kill it and crush the happiness of the 5 year old boy who takes great pride in these type of things. I wonder if kindergarten next year will send him home with another cup of dirt as the happiness of the Boy hangs in the balance with the life of each plant.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Keep Your Pants On!

Well, the Girl found a new way to have fun. She now has pulled down her pants, taken off her diaper, put it where we put diapers, pulled up her pants, and then peed. I am guessing she is trying to tell us she wants to use the potty or she is just trying to get more attention. I will admit having two potty trained kids would be awesome as there would be no more diapers.

On a sweeter note, my wife said "I love you," to her the other night and she responded for the first time with "I love you too!" It was very sweet.

The Boy had his first practice for his hockey team the other day as well, he is very excited to play in his first ever game. A couple of pictures from practice below:

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Getting Pushed Around

Well I apologize for the length between updates, but when you are working on one of the two sure things in life it takes away some free time, besides the kids have been wearing me out.

The Boy now only takes naps on hockey days or when we feel absolutely necessary (at least for sanity's sake), so my bit of time during nap times for some days is now gone as we are either building Legos, playing Wii, or playing whatever new game he invents. Now on the other hand, my wife and him play Nintendo DSi and to my surprise they are quite the video game gurus (I think she is holding out on me)., as one day the Boy said to me "Daddy, you are not very good at this." It was pretty funny. Now we are getting warmer weather and have been able to get outside some which is good for all of us, and I have even started to get back to running a little bit. I need to be in better shape to get to stay up with the kids. Since they are getting faster and more agile we are getting a fence in our backyard to keep them penned in.

The Girl is learning new words every day now and she has learned how to push us around literally. When she wants something, lets say a snack, she will pull our hand over to the kitchen and literally push us over the gate. She has a new game called "Got You" which entails me chasing her around, her yelling "Got You" and trying to stay away from me. When I do eventually catch her she giggles and says "Got You!" This game is usually played when she needs a diaper change, time for a meal, or time to get ready to go somewhere.

One last note, the Boy plays his first official hockey game soon and we are all very excited, him especially. I am wondering what he will do first score a goal or get a penalty...

Friday, March 5, 2010


The Boy got to go bowling for the first time a couple of weeks ago. This was partially new to him as we have a Wii so we play bowling on that but real bowling the balls are much heavier. He actually did pretty well and for quite a while he was beating me in the first game. I think the best moment was when he had the ball in one hand and decided to spin around and try to throw it down the lane, it ended up in his lane at least. Below are a couple of pictures from his first experience of bowling. If I remember correctly he had a high score of 67.