Thursday, October 20, 2011


The sweet little girl has adopted quite the attitude lately.  She is very good and suddenly will turn into a screaming, crying, whining crazy child.  A couple of days we were at Kohl's to buy some clothes for her and her brother.  The morning was going great, she was happy and I was happy.  As we were shopping she took her coat off so I could see what sizes of some shirts to buy for her and she was even picking out some clothes for herself.  After we found everything we were there for we went to checkout.  Again it was all going so smoothly, she even had to put her own clothes up on the register.  The Girl insisted on paying, she just needs a job first to have money to pay for it, so she turns to me and sticks her hand out and says "Money!"  (I know think this trait is born in girls and not developed).  We pay and get ready to head for the exit and it is time to put the coat back on.  As we are putting our little cart back she absolutely refuses to put her coat on.  I ask several times which turns her into a crying screaming crazy child.  Mothers are looking at me like I have done something wrong.  I try to explain that it is cold and she needs to wear her coat but she refuses.  I proceed to tell her that she has to stay as it is too cold to go out with a coat and proceed to walk out the door, this brings a scream that I am sure people outside the store could hear.  She runs into the area that is between the two sets of doors screaming at me, meanwhile I notice one mother;y figure walking towards me and I just shoot a "I have been a stay at home Dad for 7 years I really don't want to hear your advice on how to handle my child!"  look.  The lady wisely makes a turn away.  At this point I am wrestling my 3 year old to get her coat on as I can't back down.  If there is a people of Kohl's website I am sure I will show up soon.  At this point I decide to pick her up and take her kicking and screaming to the car.  It was a loud car ride home.

A few lessons I learned: Even little girls know that Daddy will buy them things; For some reason coats at a young age must be uncool; and I need earplugs when the Girl and I leave the house.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Almost 7

The Boy is quickly approaching his seventh birthday.  He is very excited.  He has invited kids a party we have yet to plan, then he invited more kids to a party we didn't know about and then he keeps inviting people.  We are working on some plans for him but with our crazy schedules we are celebrating on his birthday with family and then are trying to plan a party for him to invite a few friends.

As he grows up the Boy really gets really specific about what he wants, granted this is a still a long list.  I do one thing he is very into Legos and to this point my feet are very tired of Legos. Why do the corners feel so darn sharp?

Anyway he is a good kid, enjoying 2nd Grade, trying his best in Cross Country, and most importantly he is always happy.  Can't believe he will be 7 already.