Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Let's Go! Let's Stay Home!

It is a no win situation sometimes with the Boy. I try to do things and go places but on those days the Boy wants to stay home and play with his toys. This morning I agreed and said we could stay home, although playing with the toys was not what he really wanted to do, he wanted to bug the heck out of me. I like to play with him when I get the Girl to take a nap (sometimes she takes a morning nap), although with her awake it is more difficult because he wants me to play with legos or something chokable where she can't play. Then if I suggest we stay home and play and do stuff the Boy insists on going somewhere and doing something. I know the easy solution seems to be tell him one thing and then he will want to do the other. I believe he has ESP or something as he always seems to be to clever for that ploy. At least today I didn't have anything pressing to do where I needed to bribe him into going, but I did feel like I was wearing a "Kick Me!" sign on my back all morning.

Edit: I almost forgot the "When is Summer Break over?" question is now up to 11 times since school has been out.

I finally have a couple pictures of the kitchen for those of you that have yet to see it, I tried to clean up as much as the kids would allow:

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Little Boys Day

The Boy was playing on the computer in one of his favorite activities making spin art. Well he prints out the pictures for us occasionally and hangs them on the fridge. Yesterday he made a spin art picture and brought it into the kitchen declaring it "Little Boys Day". Little Boys Day as I have been informed it is like Valentines Day but as my son said, "It celebrates Jesus and Me because they both love each other." So mark it on your calendar, June 13th is Little Boys Day.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Museum

With a rainy day, I decided to take the kids to the Art Museum. The Girl took a long morning nap so we postponed the Boy's nap so we could do something new. It was a great day to be there as it was not very busy and it was a first for both children. The Boy has my sense of art (also consider he is 4) but it did not take us long to go through the whole museum. Granted we had to stop at the start as the Girl decided she wanted her milk right off the bat. Then we went room to room and I tried to point out some art he may have recognized from Little Einsteins or some of the books he used to look at. He was most interested in seeing what was next. So in a sense we saw the whole museum in a little over an hour and we didn't run. The Girl really liked the modern abstract art, more because I think of the brighter colors and it was a lot of shapes. Some of the darker rooms she didn't like so much but the last part of the museum was the best. We went searching for a snack and the best we could come up with was a $1.50 brownie that we all shared.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Walking all over me

The Girl is now really getting into the walking. She tries quite often and is getting quite good, although sometimes I think she believes it is faster to crawl. She got the internet and pointed to the screen showing this:
Her big brother better watch out because when she starts chasing him it will be trouble. There is a negative side to this, as she begins walking more and more she has stopped cleaning the floors. While crawling she would pick up everything and try to put it in her mouth, even after a freshly swept room she would find stuff and dart right for it. Now with the walking she doesn't see as concerned with the stuff on the floor, just more the stuff that she can't reach on tables and shelves.

On to other things, the best time of the day for the Girl is the Night-night train. We started this with the Boy which made bed time a lot easier but he has since stopped wanting to do it, however the the Girl loves it. When we get her PJs on she is already excited, then I give out the call "Allllll Aboard!" and she practically jumps out of her PJs. I guess since her brother is so much into trains she doesn't have much of a chance, but she loves the night-night train every night.

As for the count on the number of times I have been asked if Summer break is over yet, it is now up to two. Hopefully this will subside soon as I just may drop him off at school for a couple hours.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Third Day of Summer

On the third day of summer break my son said something to me that was good and bad all in one short question:

"Daddy, is summer break over yet I want to go to school?"

I was grateful that he likes school so much as most of my time in school I was trying to get out of school, but at the same time I thought it is going to be a long summer. Soon we will have our little pool setup, we will make trips to the zoo, we have a vacation planned, we have some camps for him to go to, so it will be ok it is just the current adjustment period of not having it.  I am interested to see what happens at the beginning of the school year to see how he reacts this time.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Break

I remember in school I could not wait for summer break. The Boy however loves school so much he was very upset when I told him summer break was coming and there wouldn't be school for a while. He believed that it was like Easter break and was only a week so we shall see what happens in the coming days when he realizes we are not going to school. We have enrolled him in some camps that will hopefully make the summer without school more enjoyable for him. I guess the thing he doesn't realize is that I want him to go as much as he wants to go to school, especially since he wants to go as I think someday that fortune will get reversed. Although I need to deprogram him as a kid in his preschool has been teaching him some nice things:

The Boy: "DAMN!"
Daddy: What did he say?
Mommy: He said "Bam."
Daddy: Are you sure? Boy, what did you say?
The Boy: DAMN!
Daddy: that is a bad word, you do not say that. Where did you learn that from?
The Boy: My Friend from school.

Well at least he won't learn anything else from his friend as it is summer break.

The Girl is getting more daring with the walking. She has taken a few steps now and then but not much more but I think she will be flying around this house with her brother in not time. Today she opened the gate, granted we haven't locked it until today because she mostly left it alone, once she was through it was like lightening as she was trying to get away as quickly as possible.

I got to golf an actual round of golf for the first time in about 4 years. I have played in scrambles and the like usually twice a year since the Boy was born, but this was actual golf except the way I played. I am really glad they sell golf balls in dozens or else it would have been a short round. I just can't wait to get out there again.