Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Museum

With a rainy day, I decided to take the kids to the Art Museum. The Girl took a long morning nap so we postponed the Boy's nap so we could do something new. It was a great day to be there as it was not very busy and it was a first for both children. The Boy has my sense of art (also consider he is 4) but it did not take us long to go through the whole museum. Granted we had to stop at the start as the Girl decided she wanted her milk right off the bat. Then we went room to room and I tried to point out some art he may have recognized from Little Einsteins or some of the books he used to look at. He was most interested in seeing what was next. So in a sense we saw the whole museum in a little over an hour and we didn't run. The Girl really liked the modern abstract art, more because I think of the brighter colors and it was a lot of shapes. Some of the darker rooms she didn't like so much but the last part of the museum was the best. We went searching for a snack and the best we could come up with was a $1.50 brownie that we all shared.

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