Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Walking all over me

The Girl is now really getting into the walking. She tries quite often and is getting quite good, although sometimes I think she believes it is faster to crawl. She got the internet and pointed to the screen showing this:
Her big brother better watch out because when she starts chasing him it will be trouble. There is a negative side to this, as she begins walking more and more she has stopped cleaning the floors. While crawling she would pick up everything and try to put it in her mouth, even after a freshly swept room she would find stuff and dart right for it. Now with the walking she doesn't see as concerned with the stuff on the floor, just more the stuff that she can't reach on tables and shelves.

On to other things, the best time of the day for the Girl is the Night-night train. We started this with the Boy which made bed time a lot easier but he has since stopped wanting to do it, however the the Girl loves it. When we get her PJs on she is already excited, then I give out the call "Allllll Aboard!" and she practically jumps out of her PJs. I guess since her brother is so much into trains she doesn't have much of a chance, but she loves the night-night train every night.

As for the count on the number of times I have been asked if Summer break is over yet, it is now up to two. Hopefully this will subside soon as I just may drop him off at school for a couple hours.

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