Thursday, August 28, 2008

Eating and eating

I usually have a problem getting the boy to eat, but today he was eating and eating. As my wife says "School agrees with him." He even stated "I am eating all the food, but we have more." I guess he is growing again which means he is on his way to the seven foot mark. School has started well for him and five days a week is sure nice for me as well. Our little girl is growing and growing and we will have her 4 month information soon to see where she is at. Although today she tried to finish me off by not sleeping, crying at any moment I moved more than a foot away and pooping whenever I decided to try to make the cookie dough truffles. For any of you that read this don't be alarmed she didn't help with the truffles she just merely watched and whined. I guess it is hard to keep chocolate away from any girls.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The First Day

Today was the first day of school. He couldn't wait, either could I. I took him all the way in today as I wanted to be sure he knew where he was going. We got there I took him in and gave him a hug and I got this simple yet effective response, " OK, you can leave now!" as he turned away and found something to do. I hope it is always that easy, maybe next week I will get him his own apartment.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

School Time

Well it is that time of year - SCHOOL TIME!! I am very excited as I will be down to one kid for a few hours each weekday excluding Holidays. My on is very excited to be going back to school as well. We had an open house day to go in and find your cubby and meet your teachers and stuff (yes he is still in preschool), he couldn't even wait for that as he told me "You can just drop me off, you don't need to go in with me." I am guessing school is his domain and he doesn't want my interference. In the end I guess it is a win-win for both of us. To get ready for school we went to Kohl's this weekend with both kids to get some clothes for him for school, thankfully there was a sale as both kids were a bit fussy we got three or four shirts, shoes, socks, a couple pairs of shorts, and about 6 or 7 pairs of pants for him paid and all in about a half hour. It was the most efficient/crazy shopping trip I think I have ever been on. Now we just have to see what fits him and doesn't so we can figure out what needs to go back because there is nothing like trying to try on clothes on a fidgeting not real happy or cooperative 3 3/4 year old. Monday will be a great day we all get a little something we want.

Our little girl is growing up very fast she rolls over to her stomach and back to her back now, she loves to play with her phone (baby rattle) that was given to her, and she is showing some real girl traits as in having a hard time deciding what she wants. For example, you hold her and she is not happy, you set her down and she isn't happy, you see if she is hungry and she isn't, you check her diaper, you try her swing, and it keeps going sometimes. I think she is trying to exert her power over us boys but we will not have it, we will just make her start playing with trucks and trains and she will have to turn to the right side of the world. She will have her 4 month appointment soon so I will update her information then as I try to find my sons to see how the children compare.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A few pictures

I think she is ready to be on the covers of some magazines:
Can't take a picture of one without taking a picture of the other:

Thisis where the children try to take over:

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

True Love

Well the potty training is getting a bit better I suppose. My son actually made a mad dash to the bathroom to try to put the stink (what we call poop) in the potty. He almost made it. I was quickly right behind trying to help him get his pants off to try to get on the potty. In the process of getting his pants off I felt his true love for me as he pooped on my hand, this freaked me out a bit and I almost flung the poop into the hallway. I maintained my composure and tried to get him cleaned up and on the potty, and from there it was him freaking out about poop on him while I try to wipe it up and then him freaking out about the poop on my arm and being afraid of me getting it on him. Well all-in-all it was close, he almost got there, and here is rooting for next time that he gets to the potty on time and he only shows me his love with his hugs and kisses.

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Vote Game

We have introduced democracy to our household. Sometimes when we want to do something and my son does not he has a fit, so to try to avoid this I introduced voting. For example, my wife and I like to watch Wheel of Fortune (yes I know it is for old people) and he always says "No, I don't want to watch Wheel of Fortune!" so I said, "Lets take a vote of who wants to watch Wheel of Fortune. (To my Wife) Do you want to watch Wheel of Fortune?" She says "Yes." (To my son) "Do you want to watch Wheel of Fortune?" He responded the first time with "No!" and then I ask myself "Do you want to watch Wheel of Fortune?" I respond to myself "Yes." SO the result is settled and he agrees because it is two to one so we watch Wheel of Fortune. Since then it has become a game and a tool, we take votes on things now and then and the power block of Mommy and Daddy have always won, although now he votes with us as he wants to be on the winning side of the vote. It certainly has made some things easier and he thinks it is fun, and it should be more fun when he starts to lobby one of us to buy our vote to get something he wants because I am up for donations.

On a side note the poll is about half over and I see I have a wide readership of 8 people, almost double digits which I think is pretty impressive. I would like to thank my wife for saying that I will not end up in the looney bin but am a bit surprised at the rest of you anonymous voters that say I already belong.