Friday, August 1, 2008

The Vote Game

We have introduced democracy to our household. Sometimes when we want to do something and my son does not he has a fit, so to try to avoid this I introduced voting. For example, my wife and I like to watch Wheel of Fortune (yes I know it is for old people) and he always says "No, I don't want to watch Wheel of Fortune!" so I said, "Lets take a vote of who wants to watch Wheel of Fortune. (To my Wife) Do you want to watch Wheel of Fortune?" She says "Yes." (To my son) "Do you want to watch Wheel of Fortune?" He responded the first time with "No!" and then I ask myself "Do you want to watch Wheel of Fortune?" I respond to myself "Yes." SO the result is settled and he agrees because it is two to one so we watch Wheel of Fortune. Since then it has become a game and a tool, we take votes on things now and then and the power block of Mommy and Daddy have always won, although now he votes with us as he wants to be on the winning side of the vote. It certainly has made some things easier and he thinks it is fun, and it should be more fun when he starts to lobby one of us to buy our vote to get something he wants because I am up for donations.

On a side note the poll is about half over and I see I have a wide readership of 8 people, almost double digits which I think is pretty impressive. I would like to thank my wife for saying that I will not end up in the looney bin but am a bit surprised at the rest of you anonymous voters that say I already belong.

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