Tuesday, August 5, 2008

True Love

Well the potty training is getting a bit better I suppose. My son actually made a mad dash to the bathroom to try to put the stink (what we call poop) in the potty. He almost made it. I was quickly right behind trying to help him get his pants off to try to get on the potty. In the process of getting his pants off I felt his true love for me as he pooped on my hand, this freaked me out a bit and I almost flung the poop into the hallway. I maintained my composure and tried to get him cleaned up and on the potty, and from there it was him freaking out about poop on him while I try to wipe it up and then him freaking out about the poop on my arm and being afraid of me getting it on him. Well all-in-all it was close, he almost got there, and here is rooting for next time that he gets to the potty on time and he only shows me his love with his hugs and kisses.

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