Monday, July 23, 2012

Need a Break from Summer Break

Kids are amazing.  They have energy that seems endless.  They only go to bed because we make them. Plus the things they do are awesome, scary, exciting and just plain weird.  This isn't over and I am already tired.

People say that it must be nice to have a break from school, yes and no.  Yes because school is exhausting but fun all at the same time.  No because even though I get a break, I have to keep two of my favorite kids happy and try to do fun stuff with them all the time.

We dug for fossils one afternoon.  The Boy went to baseball camp with the local minor league team.  The Girl started ballet class.  Both kids are in swimming classes. There is vacation, which as I have learned is beach playtime for the kids but work for the parents (love it either way). The Boy ran in some track meets for the first time ever and the tall little seven year old jumped 8' 7" in the long jump.  The Girl went to Ballet Camp, which is where I need to go on a tangent:

Ballet Camp for the Girl was awesome. Me - not so much.  The very first day I dropped her off, I felt like I was on an episode of "Toddlers 'n Tiaras."  The moms were mostly blonde chesty women (I am trying to be polite) and their daughters seemed a little like their very own dolls.  The morning that one girls had eyeliner, eye shadow and glitter on was it for me.  I was very proud of the Girl, she listened well, and learned quite a lot.  The final performance she did an awesome job and this Dad sat a little taller than all the Moms.

The Boy is now in art camp.  I know he is very creative but some of the stuff he does being only seven is very impressive to me.

All this in addition to all the fun nights out with my AGW.  This summer has been fantastic, but I will need to take a little time off of school to recover.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Day at the Beach

A day at the beach with the kids is always a good time. Beyond enjoying the sun, sand and surf we also have constant instructions for the kids: Don't throw sand. Don't touch your sister. Don't touch your brother. Play in front of our blanket. Watch out for other people! Watch out for other people! No matter what the kids ignore everyone and think they own the whole beach. One new activity included burying our beach toys. One problem is they forget where they put them. We only lost one Splash Bomb so not to bad. We as a family had a great time. The AGW and I have the beach trips down pretty well. We pack lunch, drinks, snacks, treats, beach chairs, towels, beach blanket, canopy, beach toys and some spare sanity. But it is all worth to watch the Boy long jump on the beach, dig holes, jump over waves, play baseball in the water with me, run around like a mad kid; and watch the girl build sand castles, then destroy them, destroy my sand castle with a grin, play in the water and keep walking further out into the water with no fear (actually scares the crap out of me). Would I do it all again next weekend? Absolutely!