Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The First Lost Tooth

A while ago the Boy decided to bite two legos apart and loosened a tooth. After much concern we took him to the dentist where they did an x-ray and discovered it was about time anyways and that he would probably loose a second one not far behind that. So all was good and we awaited the first tooth coming out. It seemed to be taking away and it was pretty loose, although at his request, we had corn on the cob and sure enough the tooth came out. I was sending a quick email while he was eating and he exclaimed, "My tooth came out!" I expected crying but he was brave and very proud that his tooth came out so there was not one tear. On the other hand when I saw the tooth and small amount of blood I got a little woozy and thought that was it for me. I was fine and got him to rinse his mouth out but I don't know what I am going to do about the rest of his and the Girl's teeth as they start falling out.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Well today was Hamburger, Bun and French Fry Day, AKA McDonalds or Wendys, and as I was giving my kids there lunch and put some fries on the Girl's tray she exclaimed, "AWESOME!" This made me smile and giggle a little bit. Great word and appropriate use, needless to say I was very proud.

The Girl is becoming quite the shopper too, as she stays with me and holds hands most of the time as she wants to stay away from strollers and carts these days. The fun part is she always says "Hi" to cashiers and other workers and seems to get perturbed when they don't acknowledge her with a "Hi." In addition, she always like the credit card things at the registers, I just wish she had her own money so she could pay for some of this stuff. I realized something lately, my kids may never know cash or checks. Granted they do seem them, but with the advent of checkcards (and who knows what by the time they are older) they rarely see people pay with cash or checks. The Boy who is five does know what cash is but still he sometimes just says swipe your card and pay. We have had lengthy discussions about the card and that we need to have money in our account in order to use it, which is a little lost on him. If there were such a magical card that you could just swipe and never worry about, that would be awesome.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Lesson Learned

Ahh.. Spring break for the Boy. So much time to figure out fun and entertaining things to do. It has been a pretty good week, the weather cooperated for at least three days this week so we were able to go outside and play in our newly fenced in yard (Sure is nice to not have to chase the Girl constantly).

Monday we went shopping for some stuff to put up a two person glider swing, a new sandbox and a slide for the Girl. In the afternoon we played around outside and inside, even had dinner out on the patio.

Tuesday we went grocery shopping in the morning and in the evening the Boy had his first ever hockey game. It was a blast even though most of his objective was to run into someone or something.

Wednesday we played outside in the morning as the weather was starting to turn and had a quieter afternoon since we had hockey practice in the afternoon.

Thursday was a fun day, we went to the museum and the Girl did her first painting while the Boy played with all the toys he possibly could and then we went to lunch at a local restaurant. That afternoon we were having a lazy day and then suddenly it happened... the Boy started crying and as I come running he is bleeding from the mouth, he tried to take apart two legos he used his teeth, he had knocked a tooth loose. I realize now that he is at that age but initially I freaked out wondering what to do, so after a few phone calls I realized there wasn't much we could do. So this is where the Lesson is Learned, don't take legos apart with your teeth.

Today (Friday) we went to the mall as the weather was cool, walked, played, shopped and had lunch and here we are trying to get through this last day off until summer.