Monday, October 27, 2008


My son has come to start building things. He would build some stuff previously but he has almost gone into full-on construction mode. He is building the Three Little Pig Houses, building his own house or club house as he sometimes calls it. So at times suddenly he starts stacking boxes and building something, he is quite good and he is very proud of his structures.

He made his first trip to Chucky Cheese. It was a birthday party for one of his classmates and will therefore be known as another birthday place. He did get to meet Chucky and that was pretty cool, although he was a bit overwhelmed with all the stuff there. And on another note what kid doesn't like pizza and didn't want any cake, that is how I knew he was overwhelmed. We both had a good time though.

The Girl is growing up, she rolls all over the place is trying hard to figure out crawling and is constantly spitting out here rice cereal and oatmeal. She still smiles all the time which is nice especially on those tough days. She is very excited about the holidays and all the excitement it brings.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Farm

Around this time of year we take our annual trip to the pumpkin farm where they not only have pumpkins, they have cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, and bunnies. It is a lot of fun, very inexpensive and the Boy loves it. See the picture collage below:

Monday, October 13, 2008

Parents Night Out

The Wife and I had a weekend night out to go to an out of town wedding. We both looked forward to it as it was a night with no kids. We had a good time, but some of you will be shocked to hear this, it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the occasional kid free night or night out, this one just felt different. Maybe I am just getting older or maybe the hotel bed was just that uncomfortable but it was just different than the plain excitement about being away from the kids for a night. It was nice, and the drive was great with all the leaves changing colors and the rolling hills we were driving through, but when you don't recognize the music and there are far more 20-somethings than you are used to seeing you just know times have changed. I guess at some point, as one of my friends and I are learning about bar food, you can't always have fun like you were used to doing. Although I am not giving up, it is always my rule of trying it twice to make sure it was the bar food and not just a strange occurrence, and I will fight it everyday.

Happy Birthday

The Boy is now four years old. This was the event of the week. He couldn't stop talking about it beforehand. As soon as it turned October it was very important to him because it was the month of his birthday. He talked about the specific day and couldn't wait. He loved his birthday, I made him a Thomas cake and he even blew out the candles all by himself.He got lots of cool stuff and was very happy for a party to be about him for a change, as we have had other birthdays and two baptisms all in a short period of time. Now he is four and is very proud of the fact, I think mostly because four is easier on the hands than three (make a three holding your pinking with your thumb, now try a four simply folding in the the thumb).

Now it is all about being good for Santa until Christmas as Daddy has Santa on speed dial.

Monday, October 6, 2008


A phrase I have taught the Boy, "D'oohh!" It is different from Homer Simpson, a little more drawn out. He learned this from me as I learned quickly to use a little groan to avert me from saying something I shouldn't say. Well today as I was dropping him off at pre-school there is always a teacher at the pre-school door and there is currently a substitute teacher at his school. We pull up so he can get out and go to school and he says, "D'ooohhh! Mrs. A again!" in a very upset tone. Granted he still ran up to school through the door on his way to his room.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's a Cacophony

I think I just heard the Internet being bombarded with people looking up cacophony. I wouldn't know either except for Pinky Dinky Doo (I heard the internet whirring again). This is a word my son uses frequently, and thus comes a story.

Today my son took a long nap, about 3 hours (yay for me). I was listening to him on the monitor when I hear the noise, from the neighbors behind me, dogs barking. This is a sound that we have been consistently hearing starting anywhere from 5:30 am to 8:00 am when they leave them out when they go to work. Granted it is pitch black and the slightest things or even the darkness set them off. Back to the story, I start to hear the Boy russle around in the sheets when he suddenly says, "It's a cacophony! Dogs stop barking, I am trying to sleep!" followed by a sigh. Being somewhat annoyed by the dogs I could help but laugh.

At some point I challenge each of you to use this word that TV (yes I said TV) taught the Boy (and me for that matter) and he uses it appropriately while he is not quite yet four years old. I guess not all TV is bad TV.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Today was a tough one

Today was a tough day for me. The Boy had a doctor's appointment today for his usual physical and the like for school. He has had issues at the doctor's office before, mostly because I think he is scared, although he has been doing a bit better, I was worried about today. As he gets older he realizes more of what is gong on, but he doesn't understand that shots help you stay healthy and yes they may hurt a bit. He was actually outstanding for about 3/4 of the visit, he then turned into the cared boy again and didn't want to let the doctor check his ears, but this must be done, so I had o hold him which gets harder each time, not only physically but also emotionally for me. I love the Boy so much and only want the best for him and never want anything to happen to him. Well we got through that and he saw once again that it wasn't that bad. The issue now was one thing left, the flu shot! I psyched him up as best I could told him one more thing and to be his best and he said he would, I was really quite surprised. He was fine until we had to get him on the table and he then knew what was coming and fought it. Yes it hurt and he was scared and crying once again, all because he doesn't understand (not that I expect him to). It just kills me that we have to go through this because this my boy. Well after a long tough ride home we got home and he got a prize and we made some darn good chocolate chip cookies. He is fine with it now but it is just so hard for me, and especially this visit because I know I have to do all this again with the Girl.