Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday

The Boy is now four years old. This was the event of the week. He couldn't stop talking about it beforehand. As soon as it turned October it was very important to him because it was the month of his birthday. He talked about the specific day and couldn't wait. He loved his birthday, I made him a Thomas cake and he even blew out the candles all by himself.He got lots of cool stuff and was very happy for a party to be about him for a change, as we have had other birthdays and two baptisms all in a short period of time. Now he is four and is very proud of the fact, I think mostly because four is easier on the hands than three (make a three holding your pinking with your thumb, now try a four simply folding in the the thumb).

Now it is all about being good for Santa until Christmas as Daddy has Santa on speed dial.

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