Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Today was a tough one

Today was a tough day for me. The Boy had a doctor's appointment today for his usual physical and the like for school. He has had issues at the doctor's office before, mostly because I think he is scared, although he has been doing a bit better, I was worried about today. As he gets older he realizes more of what is gong on, but he doesn't understand that shots help you stay healthy and yes they may hurt a bit. He was actually outstanding for about 3/4 of the visit, he then turned into the cared boy again and didn't want to let the doctor check his ears, but this must be done, so I had o hold him which gets harder each time, not only physically but also emotionally for me. I love the Boy so much and only want the best for him and never want anything to happen to him. Well we got through that and he saw once again that it wasn't that bad. The issue now was one thing left, the flu shot! I psyched him up as best I could told him one more thing and to be his best and he said he would, I was really quite surprised. He was fine until we had to get him on the table and he then knew what was coming and fought it. Yes it hurt and he was scared and crying once again, all because he doesn't understand (not that I expect him to). It just kills me that we have to go through this because this my boy. Well after a long tough ride home we got home and he got a prize and we made some darn good chocolate chip cookies. He is fine with it now but it is just so hard for me, and especially this visit because I know I have to do all this again with the Girl.

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