Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tiger Woods

My wife and the Boy were watching TV, it may have been golf or a sports update on a channel but they were showing Tiger Woods and the conversation went something like this (or so I am told):

Boy: "Who is that?"
Mom: "Tiger Woods"
Boy: Tiger?
Mom: Yes, his name is Tiger like your name is Boy.
Boy: Is he golfing?
Mom: Yes.
Boy: He is getting a lot of goals!
Mom: No in golf you try to get the ball in the holes.
Boy: Oh, he is good at getting it in the holes.
Mom: Yes he is very good at getting it in the holes.
Boy: Not like Daddy who isn't good at getting in the holes and gets mad and throws his ticket on the ground.

Then the laughter ensued. So apparently Tiger Woods is a little better at golf than me. The story behind the ticket on the ground is from a golf outing I was at recently and they had raffle prizes. I bought some raffle tickets, one must have fallen out of my pocket when I got home and was in the garage as he saw it there a few days later. He asked what the ticket was for and I told him it was from a raffle at the golf outing outing that I didn't win. I guess he imagined the rest as :::sarcasm::: I don't get made playing golf :::end sarcasm:::.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Update on the kids

Updating on the last couple of weeks:

The Boy and I went to a couple of high school cross country meets which was very exciting to him and to me. He likes to run and watching people run, where I like the fact that he has taken a greater interest in sports. He will be starting the "learn to play" program for hockey soon so we shall see how it goes. We even went to a high school football game where he had a great time as well. In addition, he has taken a liking to doing math (or learning it at this point) as it all started with a simple dollar purchase at Target of Math Bingo. Sometimes it is amazing how the small things can make such a big difference.

The girl is eating just about anything she can get her hands or we put in front of her. One of her new favorites is risotto along with grilled zucchini. She also has a great love for shoes so I guess I will have to start hiding the credit cards.

Nothing much more exciting to post. The Boy's fifth birthday is coming soon and the excitement of the holidays after that.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Bouncing Binky

I believe the Girl is going to be a major league pitcher as she throws many things and sometimes quite well. Her favorite thing to throw is her binky, especially when I open her door on my van. I am usually fishing this thing out of all kinds of places. Today at a store she threw it towards the middle of the van, it bounced off the diaper bag went under her seat hitting me in the leg and ending up in the parking lot about five feet behind me. Granted to her this is funny, probably more when I am crawling around under the car or all around trying to find or reach that binky.

She has also received her first taste of timeout. Well it was more of me holding her in my lap explaining to a 16 month old not to do something (I am sure I totally got through to her). The girl likes to climb on furniture, she can get down by herself as well but the issue is standing on furniture. A while ago we got a storage ottoman/table for our living room because we thought it would be better for the baby and bumping it with her head. We didn't realize the real danger would be her climbing on it, standing and smiling at us. Well we tell her to sit down and she usually listens but today was an exception, she stood smiling at me the whole time. I proceeded to get her down and she climbed back up so now came the timeout. I took her down and sat her on my lap and tried to explain that she is not to stand on furniture. She wasn't really happy with this and decided to scream and grab my face giving me a small cut on my cheek. After a minute I set her down and she continued to wail but she eventually calmed down and didn't climb on the ottoman again and I was relieved because I was afarid of the beating I may take the next time.