Monday, September 21, 2009

Update on the kids

Updating on the last couple of weeks:

The Boy and I went to a couple of high school cross country meets which was very exciting to him and to me. He likes to run and watching people run, where I like the fact that he has taken a greater interest in sports. He will be starting the "learn to play" program for hockey soon so we shall see how it goes. We even went to a high school football game where he had a great time as well. In addition, he has taken a liking to doing math (or learning it at this point) as it all started with a simple dollar purchase at Target of Math Bingo. Sometimes it is amazing how the small things can make such a big difference.

The girl is eating just about anything she can get her hands or we put in front of her. One of her new favorites is risotto along with grilled zucchini. She also has a great love for shoes so I guess I will have to start hiding the credit cards.

Nothing much more exciting to post. The Boy's fifth birthday is coming soon and the excitement of the holidays after that.

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