Monday, March 31, 2008

As Requested by the Mrs.

I have been fighting a cold all weekend and my wife wanted me to point out the wonderful dinner she made on Sunday. She made pot roast and gravy, garlic mashed potatoes (or smashed potatoes as my son calls them), white corn, and french bread warm out of the oven. She did a great job, and she slaved in the kitchen for all of 20-25 minutes. You may ask how did she do all that, I would just answer that she is Super-Wife.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Paying His Own Way

My son recently got a wallet from his grandparents. This is very exciting as he puts his money in it and likes to pretend to play store. Well this morning we went to the grocery store and the market. He was very excited to take his wallet with him to buy things. As we are getting ready to checkout he he pulled out his wallet and a dollar. After all the groceries were rung up he handed the cashier the dollar to pay for the groceries, if all the stuff we bought only cost a dollar. He was very proud to have paid for the groceries. Then we proceeded to the market, one of our favorite stores because of the free samples everywhere. He helped me pick out some fruit and bread and then we went to pay and again paid a dollar. At the checkout they asked him if he earned the money, he responded with a yes. Then the cashier asked "What did you do to earn that money?" and he responded "Nothing." with a big grin. So at least he is now paying some of his own way, maybe soon I will be asking him to buy me stuff.

Friday, March 28, 2008

This is boring!!

My son has learned an exciting new word, "BORING." I can only assume he learned from day care of pre-school. He starts playing with a toy or game and then in a somewhat sad voice, "This is boring," or "This game is boring." This was a shock as he said it properly and with such teenager sound behind it. As we say 3 going on 13. My thought is if he acts like a teenager now what will he act like when he is a teenager?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Prickly Garden

Noggin has some ideas for things to do on sometimes in between shows. One of the recent ones during the winter is to make a prickly garden (cactus garden). My son wanted to make one and my wife was planning it as a weekend project that she could do with him while I was working on the bathroom. Well on one of my days of running around when he is at day care or at school I tried to get the stuff needed. Only had to go to three stores total while returning to one of them to get some stuff that the store with the cacti didn't have. Who would think it would be hard to find cacti in the Ohio/Michigan area while it is cold and there is snow on the ground? My wife and son had there stuff and had fun putting together the prickly garden. It looks very nice, although my son claims it is broken or not working because he doesn't realize the cacti grow very, very slow. Although on the other hand I think he is waiting for Lighting McQueen to come flying in and land on them. I wonder what project we will have to do next...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Love of School

My son is having a hard time this week with the notion of Spring Break. Not so much because he doesn't get to go to some beach place and party it up, more so that he can't go to school. He asks why he doesn't get to go to school but to him there is no reasonable explanation. We have told him the school is closed, taking a break, there are no teachers there, etc. He just gets upset with us. I mean who else wouldn't want to go to a play where you can play with kids your own age, do messy art where someone else cleans up, have snack time, hear stories and play with all sorts of fun stuff including computers? Sometimes I have thought about enrolling myself, I meet the potty requirements and it seems like a lot fun. I sure hope this isn't a preview of the summer when there is no school and a new baby around the house. I have a feeling the craziness has just begun.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Brownie Helper

My son has really taken to helping me cook, well at least when I am making something yummy! (i.e. cookies, brownies, etc.) He likes to use the Kitchen Aid and actually wasn't scared to turn it on and off today, along with cracking eggs and pouring in ingredients. His favorite job is cleanup as seen below:
Granted then there is extra cleanup that is not so fun, and the hope that I don't find chocolate in parts of the house where chocolate doesn't belong.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bigger and Bigger

We are soon to have our second child. My son seems to be excited about this event. He often talks about the baby and the stuff for the baby. Just the other day he hugged my wife's belly in an effort to hug the baby. He usually goes on about how the baby is not here yet and it is in mommy's belly. The best line thus far was the other day when my wife got home from work and he exclaims, "You're getting bigger and bigger and BIGGER!!" We all had a good laugh. So soon there will be an additional picture added to the headline and a whole new round of hearing the phrase, "Daddy, I'm stinky!"

FYI - the bathroom is nearly done, I know it seems as if it is taking forever (it does to me too) but I only get to work on it during the weekends. So I will get to more regular updates as well.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Helping in the Kitchen

My son has learned the joy of cooking. Well at least the joy of making yummy things like cookies and brownies. We have made some box treats and he has enjoyed that but today we made some of Daddy's Chocolate Chip Cookies. He likes to use the Kitchen Aid Mixer, he helps put things in, watching the stuff get mixed up, cracking the eggs, and especially tasting the dough/batter and tasting the final results. He isn't real good at cleaning up except for the bowl and spoons used in making the cookies (well cleaning in the sense of licking the bowl). He is yet to turn the mixer on and off for me as it is a bit noisy considering Daddy had to have the big 6 Qt. model. He even likes to tell me the ingredients to put in, although if I made cookies his way, it would be basically Water, Sugar, milk, flour and chocolate chips. I am not sure how it would taste because he has yet to give me the measurements. It is fun having him help considering he has yet to find the messiness and fun you can have with flour.In the end you know you have done good when he comes back in the kitchen with chocolate all over his face and a big smile.

FYI - A medicine was added to the medicine chart.

To my loyal reader or couple of readers, the bathroom remodel is almost finished so I will be back at regular updates soon, maybe even a before and after photo just to prove that I have been remodeling the bathroom.