Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bigger and Bigger

We are soon to have our second child. My son seems to be excited about this event. He often talks about the baby and the stuff for the baby. Just the other day he hugged my wife's belly in an effort to hug the baby. He usually goes on about how the baby is not here yet and it is in mommy's belly. The best line thus far was the other day when my wife got home from work and he exclaims, "You're getting bigger and bigger and BIGGER!!" We all had a good laugh. So soon there will be an additional picture added to the headline and a whole new round of hearing the phrase, "Daddy, I'm stinky!"

FYI - the bathroom is nearly done, I know it seems as if it is taking forever (it does to me too) but I only get to work on it during the weekends. So I will get to more regular updates as well.

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