Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Prickly Garden

Noggin has some ideas for things to do on sometimes in between shows. One of the recent ones during the winter is to make a prickly garden (cactus garden). My son wanted to make one and my wife was planning it as a weekend project that she could do with him while I was working on the bathroom. Well on one of my days of running around when he is at day care or at school I tried to get the stuff needed. Only had to go to three stores total while returning to one of them to get some stuff that the store with the cacti didn't have. Who would think it would be hard to find cacti in the Ohio/Michigan area while it is cold and there is snow on the ground? My wife and son had there stuff and had fun putting together the prickly garden. It looks very nice, although my son claims it is broken or not working because he doesn't realize the cacti grow very, very slow. Although on the other hand I think he is waiting for Lighting McQueen to come flying in and land on them. I wonder what project we will have to do next...

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