Sunday, March 30, 2008

Paying His Own Way

My son recently got a wallet from his grandparents. This is very exciting as he puts his money in it and likes to pretend to play store. Well this morning we went to the grocery store and the market. He was very excited to take his wallet with him to buy things. As we are getting ready to checkout he he pulled out his wallet and a dollar. After all the groceries were rung up he handed the cashier the dollar to pay for the groceries, if all the stuff we bought only cost a dollar. He was very proud to have paid for the groceries. Then we proceeded to the market, one of our favorite stores because of the free samples everywhere. He helped me pick out some fruit and bread and then we went to pay and again paid a dollar. At the checkout they asked him if he earned the money, he responded with a yes. Then the cashier asked "What did you do to earn that money?" and he responded "Nothing." with a big grin. So at least he is now paying some of his own way, maybe soon I will be asking him to buy me stuff.

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