Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Helping in the Kitchen

My son has learned the joy of cooking. Well at least the joy of making yummy things like cookies and brownies. We have made some box treats and he has enjoyed that but today we made some of Daddy's Chocolate Chip Cookies. He likes to use the Kitchen Aid Mixer, he helps put things in, watching the stuff get mixed up, cracking the eggs, and especially tasting the dough/batter and tasting the final results. He isn't real good at cleaning up except for the bowl and spoons used in making the cookies (well cleaning in the sense of licking the bowl). He is yet to turn the mixer on and off for me as it is a bit noisy considering Daddy had to have the big 6 Qt. model. He even likes to tell me the ingredients to put in, although if I made cookies his way, it would be basically Water, Sugar, milk, flour and chocolate chips. I am not sure how it would taste because he has yet to give me the measurements. It is fun having him help considering he has yet to find the messiness and fun you can have with flour.In the end you know you have done good when he comes back in the kitchen with chocolate all over his face and a big smile.

FYI - A medicine was added to the medicine chart.

To my loyal reader or couple of readers, the bathroom remodel is almost finished so I will be back at regular updates soon, maybe even a before and after photo just to prove that I have been remodeling the bathroom.

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