Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wanting Independence

My son has made great strides in trying to be independent, some good if not great. For example, he likes to go potty by himself, he likes to pour the fish crackers by himself and he likes to get things for himself by himself. Although on the other hand he can be determined and quite crafty. This afternoon as I was on a help line asking a question about the new tub in our partially remodeled bathroom, he took it upon himself to go into the basement get his Big Red Car (scooter you sit on from the Wiggles) bring up the stairs and ride it around. He has never ventured into the basement by himself (before you freak out, the basement is finished and is where we store some of the toys he has out grown). I talked to him and explained him he needs a grownup with him and he claims to understand. Then at bedtime tonight we followed the same routine and he did not want to go to bed, he threw himself on the ground exclaiming, "I don't get to make choices." We tried to sympathize but then he proceeded to go potty and brush his teeth by himself to get ready for bed. The truth of the matter is we give him choices to make all the time, I guess the ones we give him are not as important as riding the Big Red Car, which he is way too tall for.

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