Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Week's Worth

Since I have started remodeling our bathroom I have not had as much time to add anything new so I will do my best to give a week update this time. My son is very excited about the new bathroom as he tells most everyone that it is broken. The whirlpool tub has been sitting in my house int he box for almost a month now and Tuesday it finally gets installed, I don't know who will get to use it first my son, myself (most likely choice), or my wife.

My son has become more interactive as we have introduced some more board games amd we found out he really likes puzzles, his favorite game is still Candy Land. This week he set it all up and wanted to play, I was not feeling well and tried to refuse as I wanted to sit and relax as I was feeling nauseated, but he would have none of it. His words, "Daddy, Please!! Don't be afraid it doesn't hurt." How could I refuse that solid logic, well the cuteness of his request. The other thing that has become important is listening to music and dancing, it should be too long until he realizes that his Daddy has no rhythm and can't dance but for now he doesn't care. Although, I have learned some new moves from him. The favorites right now are the Curious George CD (Jack Johnson) and The Laurie Berkner Band, but I have deiced we need to get some new ones as I can only listen to the same music so many times.

In a historic moment, my son opted not to finish eating his french fries from Wendy's. This is shocking as usually I have to urge him to eat his hamburger which he ate all of but let me finish his fries and there was no complaining on my end.

I hope I am not as delayed in my next blog entry but with only one full bathroom it has to get done first or else the EPA might crack down on our family.

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