Sunday, February 3, 2008

Medicine... YUCK!

My son still loves his medicine, but I can't figure out why. Yesterday a drop was on the counter so I thought I would see what this actually tastes like, it was awful and I had an aftertaste in my mouth for at least 5 minutes. To him though if I say time for your medicine he comes running without question, the current antibiotic he is on I don't think is flavored but I was truly surprised at how bad it tasted. From now it may become common practice for me to taste some of these just out of plain curiosity to see if any of them actually taste good (really I should say which ones tastot bad). I thought I was missing out and was going to start asking the pharmacy if I could the kid version of some of the medicines that are prescribed to me. I may try to keep a running log that may be updated from time to time, I hope I don't have to update it too often as I don't want my little guy to be sick but I shall keep a rating system here.

Liquid ZythromaxDouble Yuck
Childrens Advil (Blue)Yummy
Amoxicyllin (Pink Raspberry-Strawberry)Yummy
Omnicef (got the generic of this)Double Yummy
Children's Robitussin Cough and Cold (Cherry)Yummy

Updated 3/11/08

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