Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fat Tuesday

This Fat Tuesday at its finest, nothing like waking up hand having a paczki!

The doctor's appointment went OK, he still has an ear infection and will begin more medication for it (so there will be an update to the medicine taste chart some time soon, I will try to remember to link to it). I really wish he could just be healthy for a bit, although I know this time of year with pre-school and such it is difficult becuase kids don't understand to wash their hands often and not to touch everything thing they see. Maybe I need to invent a Lysol Cologne for kids, spray it on them before school and keep the germs away. He really doesn't complain about it so it is hard to tell if anything is wrong, either he is really tough or he knows he will have to go the doctor, I am going with the first option being a proud daddy and all.

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