Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Crazy Holidays Part II

I apologize for the interruption. Now that everyone is asleep I figure I can finish this update. One thing that has worn off somewhat after just about two months is the Polar Express DVD. We used to watch it about every other day unless he had a snow day from school then for my sanity we may have watched it on back-to-back days. He did not get any Polar Express stuff for Christmas thankfully as we already have the train out year round.

A nice thing is that he wants to go back to school and to me that is great because it could be the other way, like when I started Kindergarten, hanging on a leg screaming that he doesn't want to go. Apparently I turned out OK but I wish I would have known that then I could have saved that screaming for something of importance like more games for my Wii.

The Boy now has a new phrase while he plays, "Bam-O!" and sometimes you here a variation when he gets a little upset of "Bam it!"

The Girl did soemthing for a first time between the posts today, she sat up all by herself. As the Boy would say, "Awesome!" It caught me by surprise as she is really trying to crawl and does the army crawl now, she propped up like she was gonna crawl on her hands and knees, then she pulled the knees in closer and got her bottom down and rolled up to a sitting position. She looked as surprised as me.

This will be the last post of the year and as I look back through some of the pictures and stories it is amazing how far the kids have come and it has been only a year (or less for the Girl).

Crazy Holidays

Well it has been sometime since my last post, although, I have an excuse the holidays have been a little crazy. Besides last minute gift getting, preparations and placzak (We actually just finished the third one today) one baby and one crazy four year old who is very excited about the holidays. The Boy who now says he loves the holidays, but who wouldn't among all the presents and good food (to him that means candy). Everyone had a great Christmas even the 7 month old girl who enjoyed trying to eat the wrapping paper. Here is a picture from one of the Christmas gatherings of the two cousins separated by about 3 weeks:
"Hey Nice Outfit!"

The Boy enjoyed his Christmas as he received many nice gifts. He bounces from one thing to the other still as the newness of them all has yet to ware off. We even got him a game for the Wii, Cars, but he really mostly likes to watch me play it which who could complain about that. Which brings me to photo number two, the double decker DDR showdown:
The best part were the moves with two feet as the kids got a kick out of that. I will post more later as the Girl is deciding to interrupt me once again.

Monday, December 15, 2008


The boy is currently learning to read words and spell them. He does quite a good job and has taken quite the initiative in wanting to do this, which is great. At this point you may ask, "Why is this titled 'Marbles'?" Well we were in a picture book looking at some of the stuff as it is a find the item type book like "Where's Waldo?" but much easier and is from Blue's Clues. As we are going through the book one of the pages had marbles to find. The Boy quickly pointed out the marbles and the following conversation followed (be sure to read this aloud, especially if you are at work):

Boy: Dad, Look at the mar-balls.
Dad: I see them, they are called marbles.
Boy: Yeah MAR-BALLS.
Dad: It is not mar-balls, it is marbles.
Boy: They are Mar-BALLS.
Mom: Marbles not mar-balls.
Boy: Well they are Balls.
Dad: Yes they are, but it is pronounced marbles.
Dad: (Slyly turned the page and went on with something else)

I don't think the Boy got the subtle difference in pronunciation, but to his credit they certainly are balls.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I am going to take away your food!

The boy has been listening quite well lately. When he is misbehaving or not listening I tell him if he doesn't listen, cooperate, etc., that I am going to take away one of his trains. Well the other day as my wife and I were eating dinner and talking, he tried to interrupt. I told him to wait until we were done, but he proceeded with the following: " You are not listening to me. If you don't listen I am going to take away your (long pause) Food!" After a moment of laughter I had to tell him that wasn't nice but then realized I should have told him to go ahead and try, although that would have come back to haunt me.

On another note he has started this new hand motion when he talks, as if he is trying to sell me something. It is like a soft karate chop (very hard to describe). The other day he was talking about something being "unbreakable" and he used this motion with both hands (kind of like Tony Little on the Infomercials) . We were cracking up, so those of you who see the Boy you need to watch for this as he does this is all seriousness when he is talking.

Finally, he has started watching the Food Network with me when he gets up from his nap. For those that know me know I love to cook. When he has what I think is great idea is to have a kitchen studio in the living room like on TV to cook and do a cooking show in. Those studios are awesome and they always have everything you need. Although his big concern is what we are making... cookies, brownies, etc. I asked him what is in the kitchen and he said with "Ingredients! Some flour, eggs and chocolate and you mix it up to make brownies!" All this while using his new hand motion. I sure hope Santa reads this before Christmas, a new kitchen would be nice.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

...Continued on The Girl

Yes getting her back to sleep can take a couple of days if you were wondering were I have been. She is doing quite well. She is eating and eating, sometimes I think it is a competition between her and the Boy although she would win because he would talk and mess around all through dinner. SHe got her first experience of snow the other day, I really don't know what she thought but she didn't seem to mind as she didn't cry. She is really trying to crawl, I think the biggest carrot for her is her brother's stuff. If anything of his is on the ground she is after it right away and she gets there quick, one way or the other. Christmas should be exciting, all that paper to grab, she can't wait.

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Girl

I realize I post a lot about the Boy but not as much about the Girl. Well, she does not do as much as her brother. She does a lot just not like her brother, mostly eating, sleeping and pooping. Well she is doing quite well. She is eating well, sometimes a little messy but good nonetheless. She is always trying to crawl but hasn't gotten the hang of it yet so she still rolls everywhere. She can turn corners while rolling somehow. She is currently napping, or was as every time I try to do something she wakes up or doesn't let me do much. Well as I said she was napping... To be Continued...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

To call or not to call Santa

As we are rapidly approaching Christmas one of the greatest deterrents is available again, the Santa Call. The fear that mention of this brings as the Boy now understands that Santa only brings presents to good little boys and girls, not that he is bad, but sometimes he needs a reminder.

He is very excited about Christmas, but he may be even more excited about Christmas Eve as he is awaiting the arrival of the Polar Express. I will be on watch all night as I fear he will get up in the middle of the night and head outside. I know kids have great imaginations but he seems all to prepared for this adventure. If I had the money needed I would rent a trolley car, dress up as the conductor and take him to someplace where he could see Santa in the middle of the night, surely this would blow his mind but it would also cause for a very grumpy and tired Christmas day. Now we only have to get through the next 21-22 days and of course he will want Christmas to happen again on the 26th.