Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I am going to take away your food!

The boy has been listening quite well lately. When he is misbehaving or not listening I tell him if he doesn't listen, cooperate, etc., that I am going to take away one of his trains. Well the other day as my wife and I were eating dinner and talking, he tried to interrupt. I told him to wait until we were done, but he proceeded with the following: " You are not listening to me. If you don't listen I am going to take away your (long pause) Food!" After a moment of laughter I had to tell him that wasn't nice but then realized I should have told him to go ahead and try, although that would have come back to haunt me.

On another note he has started this new hand motion when he talks, as if he is trying to sell me something. It is like a soft karate chop (very hard to describe). The other day he was talking about something being "unbreakable" and he used this motion with both hands (kind of like Tony Little on the Infomercials) . We were cracking up, so those of you who see the Boy you need to watch for this as he does this is all seriousness when he is talking.

Finally, he has started watching the Food Network with me when he gets up from his nap. For those that know me know I love to cook. When he has what I think is great idea is to have a kitchen studio in the living room like on TV to cook and do a cooking show in. Those studios are awesome and they always have everything you need. Although his big concern is what we are making... cookies, brownies, etc. I asked him what is in the kitchen and he said with "Ingredients! Some flour, eggs and chocolate and you mix it up to make brownies!" All this while using his new hand motion. I sure hope Santa reads this before Christmas, a new kitchen would be nice.

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