Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Crazy Holidays Part II

I apologize for the interruption. Now that everyone is asleep I figure I can finish this update. One thing that has worn off somewhat after just about two months is the Polar Express DVD. We used to watch it about every other day unless he had a snow day from school then for my sanity we may have watched it on back-to-back days. He did not get any Polar Express stuff for Christmas thankfully as we already have the train out year round.

A nice thing is that he wants to go back to school and to me that is great because it could be the other way, like when I started Kindergarten, hanging on a leg screaming that he doesn't want to go. Apparently I turned out OK but I wish I would have known that then I could have saved that screaming for something of importance like more games for my Wii.

The Boy now has a new phrase while he plays, "Bam-O!" and sometimes you here a variation when he gets a little upset of "Bam it!"

The Girl did soemthing for a first time between the posts today, she sat up all by herself. As the Boy would say, "Awesome!" It caught me by surprise as she is really trying to crawl and does the army crawl now, she propped up like she was gonna crawl on her hands and knees, then she pulled the knees in closer and got her bottom down and rolled up to a sitting position. She looked as surprised as me.

This will be the last post of the year and as I look back through some of the pictures and stories it is amazing how far the kids have come and it has been only a year (or less for the Girl).

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