Wednesday, December 3, 2008

To call or not to call Santa

As we are rapidly approaching Christmas one of the greatest deterrents is available again, the Santa Call. The fear that mention of this brings as the Boy now understands that Santa only brings presents to good little boys and girls, not that he is bad, but sometimes he needs a reminder.

He is very excited about Christmas, but he may be even more excited about Christmas Eve as he is awaiting the arrival of the Polar Express. I will be on watch all night as I fear he will get up in the middle of the night and head outside. I know kids have great imaginations but he seems all to prepared for this adventure. If I had the money needed I would rent a trolley car, dress up as the conductor and take him to someplace where he could see Santa in the middle of the night, surely this would blow his mind but it would also cause for a very grumpy and tired Christmas day. Now we only have to get through the next 21-22 days and of course he will want Christmas to happen again on the 26th.

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