Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Crazy Holidays

Well it has been sometime since my last post, although, I have an excuse the holidays have been a little crazy. Besides last minute gift getting, preparations and placzak (We actually just finished the third one today) one baby and one crazy four year old who is very excited about the holidays. The Boy who now says he loves the holidays, but who wouldn't among all the presents and good food (to him that means candy). Everyone had a great Christmas even the 7 month old girl who enjoyed trying to eat the wrapping paper. Here is a picture from one of the Christmas gatherings of the two cousins separated by about 3 weeks:
"Hey Nice Outfit!"

The Boy enjoyed his Christmas as he received many nice gifts. He bounces from one thing to the other still as the newness of them all has yet to ware off. We even got him a game for the Wii, Cars, but he really mostly likes to watch me play it which who could complain about that. Which brings me to photo number two, the double decker DDR showdown:
The best part were the moves with two feet as the kids got a kick out of that. I will post more later as the Girl is deciding to interrupt me once again.

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