Monday, December 15, 2008


The boy is currently learning to read words and spell them. He does quite a good job and has taken quite the initiative in wanting to do this, which is great. At this point you may ask, "Why is this titled 'Marbles'?" Well we were in a picture book looking at some of the stuff as it is a find the item type book like "Where's Waldo?" but much easier and is from Blue's Clues. As we are going through the book one of the pages had marbles to find. The Boy quickly pointed out the marbles and the following conversation followed (be sure to read this aloud, especially if you are at work):

Boy: Dad, Look at the mar-balls.
Dad: I see them, they are called marbles.
Boy: Yeah MAR-BALLS.
Dad: It is not mar-balls, it is marbles.
Boy: They are Mar-BALLS.
Mom: Marbles not mar-balls.
Boy: Well they are Balls.
Dad: Yes they are, but it is pronounced marbles.
Dad: (Slyly turned the page and went on with something else)

I don't think the Boy got the subtle difference in pronunciation, but to his credit they certainly are balls.

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