Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Been A Long Time

It has been a long time since I have been here, almost a year.  Once school started at our new school things have settled a bit.  The Girl kicked some first grade butt and The Boy rocked fifth grade while knocking 6th grade math out of the park.  My AGW is doing well but busy at work, and I have had a good year at school.  It is different but good different.

The kids are growing way too fast.  Sometimes I feel I can't keep up and have asked several times for them to stop growing.  I am sure as I think about the past year there have been many things that fit perfectly into this blog but as they get older and so much happens so quickly.  One of the fun things is the Boy who often says "That's a point."  We all know the phrase is "That's a good point," but in thinking this through often times it is just plain and simple a point.  Not all points are or can be good. The only thing I can't tell is if he is keeping score.  The Girl has quite the personality, she is in charge and an expensive eater.  I have often said when she starts dating her date will be in trouble because she will order the Filet, the tiramisu, and will not allow you to talk (she talks non-stop).  She is also my sweet little girl and she knows it so the one in most trouble is me.

Hopefully I will be back to regularly posting here about my crazy kids, and yes sometimes I still hear those little voices "Daddy, I'm Stinky!"

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Change and Choices

It has been quite a while since I have written here.  It has been a difficult half of a year for my family. There has been a a big changes since the last post that unfortunately somewhat fit the title of this blog.  Living in the mode that "Everything Happens for a Reason."  So to catch up here you go...

Shortly after my last post the school where I worked at and the kiddos went was closed.  This was a surprise to all involved staff and administration.  It didn't officially close until the end of the school year but the announcement was made in January.  To our community this was devastating.  Like a family we loved each other but had our differences but as the principal once said, "You are here for a reason."  At first I didn't believe it but shortly there after I did and believe it even stronger today.  Being a teacher you not only teach kids but you are a major part of their life, often spending more time with them then their own families.  I love the kids and enjoy what I do so for me this was not losing a job or a school, it is losing a family.

We were a growing and vibrant school that was a leader in academics.  Kids and classes placed high nationally in math, students earned many awards and placements from the area private schools, won sports championships here and there, but most importantly had a school and academic system that was being toured around the country to universities.  Our school was special.

With that we preserved until the end of the year wanting to hold on as long as we could but in the end we had to make choices. These choices were not easy and have many of us going in completely different directions.

So in the past 6 months we have had to find a new school for our kids, which in itself was difficult because we had no intention of looking for a new school.  I had to find a new job without the intention of looking for one. And we had to come to grips with the whole situation.  It was and sometimes still very difficult.

Thankfully all of our teachers had found jobs, and all staff that were actively looking had found a job.  With all this change one thing remained constant, our staff has remained a tight group. We all could have gone our separate ways but instead I think we have grown closer as a group and that is how I know my school was special.

Beyond the closing the hardest part was making the right choice, everyday I hope that we have.  Fortunately I get to teach my kids school as I found a job there, and the first day we as a family attended a mass there I heard some very familiar words in the welcome, "You are meant to be here."

It is still a very hard pill to swallow but we had our first day recently and met the kids where apparently I am meant to be.  You know it is a good thing when you get a couple of unexpected hugs from kids you just meant.

Just not sure yet if we made the choice or if it was made for us but in the end my kids are happy and therefore I am.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Snow, Sledding and Days Off

Yes I like snow.  It leads to one of my favorite activities, sledding.  There is nothing like careening down a hill uncontrollably towards trees, streams or people.  After much dismay when the kids were sick one weekend it snowed and then melted around New Years it stated snowing again.

We got to go sledding, a couple of us adults turned it into a little contest of who could reach the trees, then who could maneuver through the trees.  Thankful to some high school seniors or college freshmen, then sledding in a big line and created a packed down path that lead us to the promised land.  soon we were all flying down the hill and heading for the trees.  It was great.

We sledded until I could no longer get back up the hill.  I probably sled down at least two times for every one time my kids would go down.  Plus I would help the Girl carry her sled back up.

The snow leads to snow days.  I appreciate snow days being a teacher but this creates issues as we have been house bound for too long.  My AGW even had a couple days off from the snow and cold.  It was nice to all be together but it would have been nicer to all be together on the beach or something after all these days off then snow days.

Everyone stocks up on bread and milk for storms but we did come to one realization of something that is important to have is toilet paper.  We fortunately had enough but it was getting dangerously close, especially when a little somebody uses too much and throws it away for no reason as well.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Feathers, Fabric, Glue and Wine

Getting near the end of December it is time for the annual school Christmas program.  This year both kids will be in the same one now that the Girl is in Kindergarten.  There is a definitely a love-hate relationship with the program.  I love the program as I teach at the school and get to see my students in another aspect and love to see them do their thing.  I don't like it because it is long, the Girl is at the beginning and the Boy is at the end.

This year I am a bit sad.  Our music teacher and program director is in her last year.  She works her tail off for these kids and in my opinion is a great music teacher.  She teaches the kids how to sing and play instruments, but more importantly how to read music.  I watch in wonderment when the Boy comes home with his recorder music, sits at the piano and starts playing the tunes.

The other part of this is that next year he will be in fifth grade.  In fifth grade they get to be lead actors of the program and they also start fifth grade band.  As a parent that has sat through these programs the past four years (including the one coming up) I feel like I paid my dues to see him help lead the show with his classmates.  Maybe the tradition will continue but all I can do is enjoy the one coming up.

Meanwhile, I sit on my kitchen floor with tons of blue feathers, craft glue, Spotify playing, and a glass of wine trying to make the best blue bird costume.  The Boy said "COOL!" I know getting an endorsement from is huge because he is a 9 year old boy.

On another note, my AGW took a call today and the person asked, "Is this the lady of the house?" She laughed and thought of me, granted I just sat on the floor with my wine and glued feathers for the past hour.