Monday, December 16, 2013

Feathers, Fabric, Glue and Wine

Getting near the end of December it is time for the annual school Christmas program.  This year both kids will be in the same one now that the Girl is in Kindergarten.  There is a definitely a love-hate relationship with the program.  I love the program as I teach at the school and get to see my students in another aspect and love to see them do their thing.  I don't like it because it is long, the Girl is at the beginning and the Boy is at the end.

This year I am a bit sad.  Our music teacher and program director is in her last year.  She works her tail off for these kids and in my opinion is a great music teacher.  She teaches the kids how to sing and play instruments, but more importantly how to read music.  I watch in wonderment when the Boy comes home with his recorder music, sits at the piano and starts playing the tunes.

The other part of this is that next year he will be in fifth grade.  In fifth grade they get to be lead actors of the program and they also start fifth grade band.  As a parent that has sat through these programs the past four years (including the one coming up) I feel like I paid my dues to see him help lead the show with his classmates.  Maybe the tradition will continue but all I can do is enjoy the one coming up.

Meanwhile, I sit on my kitchen floor with tons of blue feathers, craft glue, Spotify playing, and a glass of wine trying to make the best blue bird costume.  The Boy said "COOL!" I know getting an endorsement from is huge because he is a 9 year old boy.

On another note, my AGW took a call today and the person asked, "Is this the lady of the house?" She laughed and thought of me, granted I just sat on the floor with my wine and glued feathers for the past hour.

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