Thursday, December 12, 2013

Little Teeth

If I have a kryptonite (I actually have a lot them), it might as well be my kids baby teeth.  The first one my son lost I caught the counter before the legs gave way.

You would think you would get used to this but apparently I don't.  The Boy has lost many, even two with an hour.  The Girl has just started losing them.

She has had this loose tooth for a while (#2) which has been hanging on for dear life.  The Boy suggested going over to his Busia's house as he has lost many teeth there, but to my luck it came out before then.  No crying or trouble, when I saw the tooth I was little wobbly and as I type this I am a little nauseated.  

So when choosing to be a stay at home dad and then a teacher, why didn't I realize that I was walking into a situation that the smallest baby tooth could put me on the floor.  Everyday there is a good possibility I could see a lost tooth, maybe I will start wearing a helmet.

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