Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The First Day of School

Recently over a couple  of days we had our first day of school.

The Boy started a day earlier than the Girl and me.  The Monday before school started we met with his teacher and it was decided that he should skip the 1st grade.  This wasn't so much an issue for him as us.  On the way to school on the first day the Boy says, "If I know all the 2nd grade math problems will they move me into the third grade?"  We laughed and appreciated his great attitude but convinced him to at least start one grade and see how we are doing. We were worried about him but thus far he is doing fine.

The Girl and I had our first days the next day.  The Girl started preschool and was very excited.  She really likes school just like her brother which is nice.  The teacher at the end of the day said to me, "She had a great day. She is a pistol isn't she?"  I just laughed as I am sure the Girl will soon be running the preschool.  She did throw a book at someone although I think it was an accident.

My first day was great, except for the beginning.  I was trying to ease into the first day and be a little early so I wouldn't have a lot to worry about.  Well I misplaced my car keys which also has my school keys and then it was a sheer 7 minutes of panic.  My AGW found them sitting right on the stool where I was helping my son with his shoes.  Deep breath and on to getting to school.  Right as we pull in the parking lot and get out of the car my insulin pump makes a funny beep - "LOW BATTERY"!  UGH!  That is one of two messages I don't want to see right before starting my first day.  Fortunately my AGW was bringing the Girl into school that morning for her first day so she was able to save me and bring a new battery with her.  Then nearing the end of my first class the school Director says "When you have a moment please come to my office I need to talk to you."  It has only been one class and I can't imagine what is going on now, maybe my first class was my last class.  All he wanted to do was discuss making sure certain doors were locked.  After that it was smooth sailing but those first couple of hours of my first day were tough and at that point I just wanted to nap as I was worn out.   

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Week of all Weeks

This week promises to be a big week.  Not for one of us but all of us.  The thing is this week is very exciting and very scary to me all at the same time.

I start my teaching position this week, which I am very excited about and scared at the same time.

The Girl starts Preschool this week.  The fact that my second child starts school this week just blows my mind.  My Itty Bitty is growing up, I hope she still makes some coffee for the coffee parties we have some time.

The Boy goes back to school and there are some changes in store, but details will have to wait.

My AGW has exciting stuff going on as well which will also have to wait for now.

My mind is literally racing with excitement and lots of nervousness.  As with our family as always we may not have anything exciting going on for a long time and then "BAM" all in one short period we whoop it up.  Now I just need the strength and peace of mind to get through this week.  I will be a tired Daddy this week as I already have trouble sleeping, this certainly is not going to help.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Love You Guys.. Or At Least Now I Do

The Boy was still learning to tie his own shoes and going into the 1st grade it was a necessity to get done.  We had the practice laces and shoes so he could practice which didn't happen very much.  Therefore I put a prize if he could tie his shoes on his own feet.

It was a slow start but he seemed to be getting it but wasn't interested in trying.  I reminded him often he would get a good prize if he gets it done.  He uses the computer to look at lego.com and tell us what he wants.  He was telling us this morning how he wanted this and that.  My AGW and I reminded him at that moment that he would get a good prize if he tied his shoes.  The light bulb went on and with a big smile he said he was going to try right now with his shoes on.

It only took two attempts for him to tie the first one which he did on his own in the other room.  Then we had him tie the other one in front of us just in case our cat or one of his stuffed animals did it for him.  He struggled a little bit but he got it done.

The Prize: LEGO 3000 Race Game

He was very excited and happy.  He started building right away and blurts out, "I love you guys.. or at least now I do!"  So it took only seven years for our son to love us.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Kids Toothpaste: Is that Sugar?

What is kids toothpaste made out of?  It tastes like sugar.

I go to bed late some nights as Daddy needs his "me" time, although if my AGW wanted to she could could hang out with me during "me" time.  Sometimes it is nice to veg out and watch bad TV, read the paper or play with my phone.  The other night after having some "me" time and a yummy martini I decided it was finally time for bed.  After I made sure windows were closed, doors locked and lights off I stumbled up to bed.

There is generally a routine I follow, which includes going back down to make sure the doors are locked even though I know I just locked them.  After coming back to the bathroom to take my contacts out and brush my teeth.  In my slumber I grabbed a tube of toothpaste, one of the three at my sink (the kids each have there own tube as well), and started brushing.  What is on my toothbrush?  Where is my minty freshness?  I was confused by this sugary taste.  I look at the tube and it says "Kids" Crest.  All I could think was "Yuck!"

I decided to brush again with the minty toothpaste as it just wasn't right.  I can see why my kids like brushing there teeth.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cross Country Practice

Last year when we started Cross Country in Kindergarten, I tried a mix of running and playing games for all the young kids (K - 1st Grade).  We did a little more running than game playing and I had some feedback from some that games help more because they do more running when they play games than trying to get them to run intervals or some distance.  I readily agreed.

One of the biggest advice givers was the Boy every practice he would ask if we could play games.  He was one that would rather run playing a game.  This year however he has taken a little bit of different stance.  He still wants to play games but claimed they didn't do enough running the first practice.  I was happy that he wanted to run more as he is getting competitive and wants to do better this year but at the same vain I was a little frustrated as I spent time trying to find good running games and ideas to entertain the K-1st graders more.

Although all was forgotten very quickly as we had our first popsicle day.  Just wait until Bomb Pop Day, well to the kids it is just a colorful popsicle but the Adults usually are more excited and hope there are plenty extra.

Friday, August 5, 2011

How did this happen?

The Boy has had a couple of very happy days - I had to go to school and he didn't.  With my new teaching position starting this fall I have had some meetings to attend which gives him great delight.  He loves school but the thought of me having to go and him not was an interesting concept to him.  To some degree I thought I was done with school, so teaching in itself is going to lead to more schooling in my future.

He is actually rather excited that I will be there and will seem him in Physical Education class a couple of days a week.  The only worry I have is if he will treat me like Daddy or a teacher.  He is very happy that I volunteer coach at his school as well but sometimes he wants to take advantage because "My Dad is the coach!" So now I wonder if I will see that in school.

A few of my friends asked if I had asked him first, where I laughed and said "No!"  I realize some kids may not like this situation but it is not his decision, besides I was not going to turn down this great opportunity.  My AGW simply just says, "You are at the school all the time anyway they should pay you."

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


The girl has developed the mine-atude.  She is a very demanding and determined little girl.  It started long ago with those cute smiles when she was little to full blown out tantrums these days.

This also goes for anything the Boy is playing with, she must have it.  I have been going to school trying to clean out the gym closet so they can potentially make a little office space for me.  I thought this would work out better since they can run around and play in the gym while I work.  I was wrong.  The mine-atude was in rare form.  The Girl would do nothing except chase the Boy and take what ever he was playing with.  At one point she was holding a plastic bat, a small plastic lacrosse stick, and two balls all while saying "Mine!"

If the Boy tries to take anything she will just erupt.  It is amazing how quickly she can go from calm to screaming zombie.  Granted I know it is a ploy to get her way and she makes it difficult not to give in.  Hopefully she is slowing learning that Daddy will not give in as patience is wearing thin and there is only so much adult kool-aid in the world.