Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Love You Guys.. Or At Least Now I Do

The Boy was still learning to tie his own shoes and going into the 1st grade it was a necessity to get done.  We had the practice laces and shoes so he could practice which didn't happen very much.  Therefore I put a prize if he could tie his shoes on his own feet.

It was a slow start but he seemed to be getting it but wasn't interested in trying.  I reminded him often he would get a good prize if he gets it done.  He uses the computer to look at and tell us what he wants.  He was telling us this morning how he wanted this and that.  My AGW and I reminded him at that moment that he would get a good prize if he tied his shoes.  The light bulb went on and with a big smile he said he was going to try right now with his shoes on.

It only took two attempts for him to tie the first one which he did on his own in the other room.  Then we had him tie the other one in front of us just in case our cat or one of his stuffed animals did it for him.  He struggled a little bit but he got it done.

The Prize: LEGO 3000 Race Game

He was very excited and happy.  He started building right away and blurts out, "I love you guys.. or at least now I do!"  So it took only seven years for our son to love us.

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