Friday, August 5, 2011

How did this happen?

The Boy has had a couple of very happy days - I had to go to school and he didn't.  With my new teaching position starting this fall I have had some meetings to attend which gives him great delight.  He loves school but the thought of me having to go and him not was an interesting concept to him.  To some degree I thought I was done with school, so teaching in itself is going to lead to more schooling in my future.

He is actually rather excited that I will be there and will seem him in Physical Education class a couple of days a week.  The only worry I have is if he will treat me like Daddy or a teacher.  He is very happy that I volunteer coach at his school as well but sometimes he wants to take advantage because "My Dad is the coach!" So now I wonder if I will see that in school.

A few of my friends asked if I had asked him first, where I laughed and said "No!"  I realize some kids may not like this situation but it is not his decision, besides I was not going to turn down this great opportunity.  My AGW simply just says, "You are at the school all the time anyway they should pay you."

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