Tuesday, August 2, 2011


The girl has developed the mine-atude.  She is a very demanding and determined little girl.  It started long ago with those cute smiles when she was little to full blown out tantrums these days.

This also goes for anything the Boy is playing with, she must have it.  I have been going to school trying to clean out the gym closet so they can potentially make a little office space for me.  I thought this would work out better since they can run around and play in the gym while I work.  I was wrong.  The mine-atude was in rare form.  The Girl would do nothing except chase the Boy and take what ever he was playing with.  At one point she was holding a plastic bat, a small plastic lacrosse stick, and two balls all while saying "Mine!"

If the Boy tries to take anything she will just erupt.  It is amazing how quickly she can go from calm to screaming zombie.  Granted I know it is a ploy to get her way and she makes it difficult not to give in.  Hopefully she is slowing learning that Daddy will not give in as patience is wearing thin and there is only so much adult kool-aid in the world.

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