Friday, August 12, 2011

Kids Toothpaste: Is that Sugar?

What is kids toothpaste made out of?  It tastes like sugar.

I go to bed late some nights as Daddy needs his "me" time, although if my AGW wanted to she could could hang out with me during "me" time.  Sometimes it is nice to veg out and watch bad TV, read the paper or play with my phone.  The other night after having some "me" time and a yummy martini I decided it was finally time for bed.  After I made sure windows were closed, doors locked and lights off I stumbled up to bed.

There is generally a routine I follow, which includes going back down to make sure the doors are locked even though I know I just locked them.  After coming back to the bathroom to take my contacts out and brush my teeth.  In my slumber I grabbed a tube of toothpaste, one of the three at my sink (the kids each have there own tube as well), and started brushing.  What is on my toothbrush?  Where is my minty freshness?  I was confused by this sugary taste.  I look at the tube and it says "Kids" Crest.  All I could think was "Yuck!"

I decided to brush again with the minty toothpaste as it just wasn't right.  I can see why my kids like brushing there teeth.

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